Someone alert Michael Scott. His favorite director is reuniting with the star that made him famous. According to Variety, The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable star Bruce Willis will have the lead role in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming drama Labor of Love—a script the filmmaker first sold all the way back in 1993. The film tells the story of a bookstore owner (Willis), who is distraught because he believes he never properly told his wife how much he really loved her before she died. To make it up to her, he decides to walk a across the country—something he had at one point told her would do. At that point, we find out that no one else can see him, and he is a fact just a ghost who will use GLASSES OF TAP WATER to fight off an alien invasion! ... Discuss

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An asteroid that’s at least 1,300 feet wide (which is bigger than an aircraft carrier) is expected to come within 201,700 miles of Earth tomorrow. The last time an asteroid of this size came near earth was back in 1976. Now if only this asteroid had its very own Aerosmith theme song ...


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