Pro-Tip: If your job is to run the official Twitter feed for the American Embassy in Egypt, it’s probably not a good idea to frantically delete your entire profile because one of your tweets linking to a Daily Show segment was criticized.

A few days ago, we posted a story about Egyptian comedy show host Bassem Youssef who was arrested for criticizing religious hardliners and President Mohamed Morsi. Well when the official Twitter feed of the American embassy in Egypt posted a link to Daily Show host Jon Stewart railing against the Egyptian government for their restrictions on free speech, Egyptian officials weren’t very pleased. When they released their own statement critical of the tweet, the social media department at the embassy did the only rational thing when faced with criticism about exposing an injustice and an attack on free speech rights: They deleted their whole Twitter account, then decided to put it back up, without the offending Tweet. Evidently, officials in Washington were not too happy about the whole episode … Discuss

While NBC has confirmed the worst-kept secret in show-biz—that Jimmy Fallon is officially replacing Jay Leno as the host of the Tonight Show—over on CBS, some Hollywood insiders say that David Letterman could be on his way out. The long-time Late Show host’s contract expires in 2014, and some TV industry-watchers believe it would be the perfect time for the network to secure their own new late night personality: Daily Show host Jon Stewart. They also point to the fact that CBS is owned by Viacom, who just happens to also own Comedy Central, the network that airs Stewart’s nightly comedy show … Discuss

The satirist who is known as ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ was arrested this weekend on charges of insulting the country’s president and the religion of Islam. Bassem Youssef is the host of a Daily Show-like weekly political and cultural program in which he points out the hypocrisy of the nation’s political leaders (in all parties) and criticizes fundamental Islam.

The show, which is watched by more than 30 million Egyptians, warns that some Muslim clerics and Islamic TV presenters want to turn the religion into a "weapon and political tool." Youssef was released after posting bail, and even used the proceedings to further jab president Mohamed Morsi. He wore a comically oversized graduation hat when he turned himself in, one similar to what Morsi wore to a recent ceremony in Pakistan … Discuss

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Sad news for Stephen Colbert fans: first the comedian announced his withdrawal from the race for presidency, and now producers have announced that The Colbert Report will be temporarily suspended as Colbert attends to a family emergency. The show is expected to resume production as early as next week, and for now is airing repeat episodes to fill the satirical right-wing void left by the absence...