It's not every day you laud Procter & Gamble for genuinely smart, thoughtful advertising, but here we are. This new ad campaign, dubbed "Like a Girl," asks an important question: When did doing something "like a girl" become an insult? They hired award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to create it, and the result is pretty stirring. Discuss

Great news. It turns out Jason David Frank, who we all remember from his days as The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Tommy, AKA the Green Ranger, AKA the White Ranger (AKA, Red Zeo, etc...) has recently become the head of "Jesus Didn't Tap." As the name implies(?), it's a line of Christian-themed clothing for MMA enthusiasts. So, to recap: The Green Ranger is running a line of Christian-themed MMA clothing. That is a pretty incredible sentence.

Sure. MMA fighters have to get dressed too, and these clothes seem as good as any—and there are options for both the ladies and the fellas. There's also a Message of the Day, because unbeatable fighting skills and interconnected robo-zords are no substitute for spiritual growth. All told, this is great news for Power Rangers enthusiasts and MMA fans, so there's a little something for everyone ... Discuss

In this economy,it's tempting to go after every advantage you can. You never know what little factoid on your resume might increase your chances of a call-back—or decrease them. Well, a new survey has found that there is at least one pretty big red flag for potential employers: talking about your faith on a resume. That's according to the "Religious Affiliation and Hiring Discrimination” experts, who conducted a study in New England and the South in which they found employers were 26 percent less likely to call an applicant who "expressed a religious identity" on their resume. “These studies do tend to show there will be factors in resumes that will lead to bias,” said David Lewin, director of Berkeley Research Group’s Labor and Employment practice. “Religion could well be one of them” ... Discuss

Well, well, well. How the tables have turned. A new report from the University of Virginia suggests that being popular in high school is actually a liability later on in life, with the "cool kids" going on to have more problems making friends and staying out of legal trouble. “We call it the high school reunion effect,” says Joseph Allen, a psychologist who led the study. “The student who was popular and was running with the fast crowd isn’t doing as great later on. It’s…the revenge of the good quiet kids.” That "fast crowd" will end up being 40% more likely to have substance abuse problems, 23% more likely to engage in criminal activity and even have more trouble managing their relationships.

For the purposes of the study, "cool kids" were determined by how many people the test subjects made out with in high school, how many friends they had, how important it was to them to be popular and what they did for fun on the weekends. So all those nights spent wishing you were cool may actually have paid off ... Discuss

We've covered this many times around here, but it bears repeating: Don't go into the water. Just don't. You were born on the land, and on the land you belong. The sea belongs to sinister creatures shrouded in murderous intent. Giant crocodiles. Elusive sea dragons. Whatever this thing is. And now great white sharks—the number one reason to not go in the water—are no longer the worst thing about the ocean.

It appears that a 9-foot-long great white named "Shark Alpha" had been tagged by scientists and was doing what sharks do (being horrible) around the coast of Australia when it was suddenly, swiftly, eaten alive by something. Yes—the ocean is not safe for a Great White Shark anymore, and you want to go swim in it? When mystery monsters are eating sharks out there? Get out of town.

The prevailing theory is that Shark Alpha was eaten by the recently discovered giant squid, which is proof that your worst nightmares are mere shadows of the horrors that exist in the waking world. Giant squids have been hypothetical terrors for a long time, but were recently proved to actually exist, to be voracious feeders and, evidently, to happily eat whatever predators they want. All this adds up to a simple lesson: Don't even think about going in the water ... Discuss