Want to get a set of Google Glass for yourself? Up to now, owning a pair of the wearable computer technology was relatively difficult: You had to be a part of the “Explorer” program by applying as a tech developer, getting on a waiting list or receiving a coveted referral. But, as The Verge first reported, on April 15, for one day only, Google will let anyone become an Explorer for the price of $1,500. That will also get you a free pair of custom frames or shades. Google isn’t expected to announce a full consumer release of Glass until later this year, so this may be your last opportunity for a while to get your hands on the technology. That is, if spending $1,500 for your own personal Terminator eye is your thing ... Discuss


Ever been wandering around a city and thought, “I wish I knew where a good place was to just lie down and take a quick power nap”? Thanks to a marketing duo from the Netherlands, that dilemma may be a thing of the past. The Google Naps app lets users update a custom Google Map with the best secluded benches, grassy fields or lazy parks around major cities for nappers to catch a few mid-day Z’s. Though they claim their online tool is tongue-in-cheek (they’ve written to the Google team, saying “… this is just a joke, a parody. We don't mean to damage your brand or anything, we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans.”), users in cities including New York and Washington DC have already begun adding nap locations. You can find napping places in your area at Your siesta awaits ... Discuss


Google recently teamed up with the non-profit organization American Rivers for an eight-day excursion down the Colorado River, and captured the whole thing on Street View cameras. As you can see from the time-lapse video below (or by going to Google Maps for yourself), the trip looks pretty incredible. But beyond just a cool interactive feature, the idea behind the trip was to get more people interested in environmental preservation. One of the project’s leaders told the AP, “We hope this inspires viewers to take an active interest in preserving it" ... Discuss


Ever wondered what city attracts the most photographers? This heat map may have the answer. On Google’s Sightsmap feature, geolocation tools pinpoint where user-uploaded images to the Panoramio photo-sharing site were taken, and show the rankings via a color-coded display on a global map. Though European cities popular with travelers like Rome and Barcelona make up most of the top 10 list (which is displayed with markers on the map), New York City is No. 1. As Mashable notes, although a similar map recently released by Instagram largely differs from Google's, The Big Apple is still the top location for amateur photography around the globe according to their stats as well ... Discuss