The Roots of Christianity’s Pro-Life Stand

How Christian concern transcends political chatter. Read More

Pope Francis’ Other Pro-Life Campaign

The Pope's idea of being pro-life includes a lot more than just protecting the unborn. Read More

The pro-life movement is getting more racially diverse, more secular and more educated. According to new research from the Public Religion Research Institute, anti-abortion advocates from the ages of 18-29 look significantly different from their senior counterparts. For their research, the institute compared several demographic factors from the Millennial group with pro-lifers over the age of 65. Read More

Lawmakers in the Belgium Parliament have voted to adopt a bill that would make child euthanasia legal in the country. Since it has already passed a Senate, if it is signed by the King, the children’s “right to die” measure will become law. According to the new policy, under certain circumstances, terminally ill children would be allowed to request that doctors intentionally end their lives. Even though the measure received overwhelming support from legislators (it passed on am 86 to 44 vote, with 12 abstentions), critics, including pediatricians, say it is misguided and dangerous. In an open letter, a group of 175 children’s doctors wrote that the law "responds to no real demand", and young patients never asked to be euthanized. In addition to putting even more pressure on parents during a stressful time (parental approval would be needed in euthanasia cases for minors), they also argued that many children don’t have the capacity to fully grasp death. In 2002, the Netherlands passed a similar measure. Since then, five terminally ill children have been killed by doctors ... Discuss

According to a new report from the pro-choice organization, The Guttmacher Institute, between 2008 and 2011, abortions in America fell by 13 percent—hitting the lowest rates in nearly 40 years. The research looked at women ages 15-44 and found that in 2011 there were just 16.9 abortions per 1,000 women in the U.S. In 1981, at the abortion rate’s peak, that number was 29.3. The latest numbers show that the American abortion rate is at its lowest point since 1973. Because research looked at the years of 2008-2011, the Institute says that the falling numbers were not the result of recent abortion-restricting legislative measures; instead, they pointed to the overall falling birth rate and greater access to contraception. The president of the National Right to Life Committee told the AP that they believe that the numbers reflect the awareness and lobbying efforts of anti-abortion groups. "It shows that women are rejecting the idea of abortion as the answer to an unexpected pregnancy" ... Discuss

Following weeks of contentious legal arguments and debates about end-of-life ethics, 33-year-old Marlise Munoz was taken off life support this weekend. Until a judge declared her “deceased” and ordered the move, hospital officials refused to grant her husband’s wish of removing a ventilator that was keeping her alive. They said that because Munoz was 23 weeks pregnant, they were required by the law to protect her unborn baby. Attorneys for the Munoz family said that the fetus was “distinctly abnormal.” Pro-life advocates argued that Munoz should have been kept alive by medical officials so the baby would have a chance at being delivered ... Discuss