So You’ve Failed Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s Not Impossible to Stick to Your Goals This Year

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Every January, about half of the population makes a New Year’s resolution. It’s the usual list: lose weight, get organized, save more. The problem is, only 8 percent actually achieve their goal.

The first two weeks usually go along beautifully, but by February, people are backsliding and by the following December, most people are back where they started, often even further behind. Read More

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It’s never too late to make a few New Year’s resolutions. So even though it’s Jan. 2, this list of resolutions written by American songwriting icon Woody Guthrie way back in 1943 can still inspire some last-minute additions to your 2014 commitments. Sure, a couple of the Dust Bowl-era hygiene entries may no longer be relevant (we assume you already “take bath,” “change socks” and “wash teeth if any”), but the rest range from practical (“read lots good books,” “drink very scant if any,” “work by a schedule”) and inspiring (“dream good,” “stay glad,” love everybody,” “learn people better”) to downright epic: “Wake up and fight” ... Discuss

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