In January of 2014, Sam Priestley was probably about as good as you are at ping pong, if not a little worse. But he resolved to play a few matches every day for a solid year, and put together a video of his progress. It's pretty amazing to watch him slowly improve, little by little. According to the video, his goal was to crack the Top 250 players ranking in his native England—a mighty lofty goal he did not quite achieve—but he most certainly became better at it than you are ... Discuss

Back in 2000, the cruel, indeterminable hand of fate drove a wedge between two dear friends who deserved better. Tom Hanks and Wilson, a volleyball, were split by space and time, their friendship rent asunder by forces beyond their control. One was (spoiler alert, if you haven't seen Castaway, but this was in 2000, so you really should have seen Castaway by now. You've had enough time) rescued and taken back to America. The other spent his days adrift at sea, alone but for his own sober thoughts. But the tides of change wax even as they wane, and some friendships are forged by a furnace hotter than those of nature and chance. The bond between Wilson and Hanks was too strong to remain forever riven, and at last night's New York Rangers game, they made their happy reunion public, as is the custom of the times. So may all our lost friendships be one day found anew in the gladdening light of that sun that does not permit loneliness to long endure ... Discuss

The scene: Chuck E. Cheese. The time: Unknown. The person: someone who knows that a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to survive out there ... Discuss

The employment website Glassdoor has put together a new list of the “Best Jobs in America,” for people who are primarily concerned with money and advancement. Their list doesn’t take into account things like overall satisfaction or flexibility, instead relies on three more pragmatic factors: Current number of job openings, average base salary and how easy it is to advance. With a base salary of $111,376 and more than 45,000 current openings, physician assistant topped the list. It was followed by software engineer, business development manager and HR manager. Mysteriously absent from this year’s rankings was “Professional Netflix Binge Watcher.” You can go here to see all 25 jobs ... Discuss

Ira Keys is an 81-year-old man whose father taught him a simple rule: "'Whatever you do, son, save your money,'" Keys recounted to KCBD. "Back when I started in '52, I didn't have a lot of money, so I saved pennies and I just kept saving them."

The Slaton, Texas resident did just that and, millennials, take heed. Keys finally took all his pennies (all 500 pounds of them) down to the bank to cash in, netting a cool $816. Not a bad return for a simple habit he picked up as a little kid. Of course, the local bank in Staton reportedly had to count each penny by hand, so maybe not everyone is thrilled with Keys' decision, but his wisdom holds up ... Discuss

There are a few too many major life milestones going viral these days. We've talked about this. Not every marriage proposal needs to have a litter of baby sea lions singing "All About That Bass" so it can go viral on Tumblr. It's OK for some things to be stay private and personal. However, this couple—Jessica Devins and her husband—evidently have a thing for photobooths, so they get a pass on this very sweet pregnancy announcement ... Discuss