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If you are reading this while watching TV, talking on the phone or listening to a podcast, you may want to consider focusing only on this article: According to research from Stanford University, multitasking is really bad for you. Not only does it hurt overall productivity, your ability to recall information and slows you down, additional research shows that it even lowers your IQ. From Forbes: “IQ drops of 15 points for multitasking men lowered their scores to the average range of an 8-year-old child.”

Also, this is terrifying: A team of researchers looked at MRI scans of people who spent a lot of time doing things like texting and watching TV at once, and found that they had lower brain density. Though they stop short of saying that multitasking physically re-shaped brains (the people with less thick brains could be more predisposed to multitasking), the combination of all the research is enough for neuroscientists to warn that your brain isn’t made for doing multiple things at once. There, now you can commence your TV watching ... Discuss

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