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Okay, so, overturning an old law that forbids women from riding bicycles may not exactly be a giant leap forward for human rights, but from North Korea, it might as well be the Emancipation Proclamation. The law—first imposed the law in the early 1990s, following an accident that involved a woman on a bike— meant that any woman seen riding could be fined up to 5000 North Korean Won (about $40.) It was not heavily enforced outside the capital city, but Kim Jong Un's decision to completely reverse it shows an unusual amount of reflection and forward thinking for a country that's mostly noted for being a land where freedom goes to die ... Discuss

August 1 marks the beginning of National Catfish Month, a two-minute warning on summer break and, this year, the debut of the Affordable Healthcare Act's component on women's preventative care. Starting today, some 47 million women have access to free HPV testing; counseling for STD's; counseling and screening for HIV; breast-feeding supplies; support and counseling; domestic violence counseling; and other preventative services. Exempt from the act are certain insurers who have grandfathered status and nonprofit religious organizations ... Discuss