3 Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Had Kids

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A woman in Afghanistan was strangled by her husband and mother-in-law for giving birth to a third daughter rather than a son.

Such crimes against women are common in the country, most often in the form of acid attacks and honor killings. In one case last November, a family who refused to let a man marry their daughter was attacked by assailants who poured acid on them.

Women's rights advocates fear that with the upcoming troop withdrawal in 2014, and an effort to increase peace talks with the Taliban, violence against women may become less of a priority.

However, in a statement released today, the U.S. Embassy said: "The rights of women cannot be relegated to the margins of international affairs, as this issue is at the core of our national security and the security of people everywhere." Discuss

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This summer my life changed forever. At the end of August my son was born. Adam Oliver Santosh Ninan showed up screaming. However, the process wasn’t as simple.

My wife and I went in for a procedure related to her pregnancy. We had been waiting for her to be induced, but the hospital was so busy we kept getting bumped. That all changed when a grumpy nurse gruffly said, “I guess we’re doing you now,” as she threw something onto the bed. When she left, we glanced at each other puzzled—I guess we’re doing you now? Who talks like that? Read More

The advocates of abortion have got me thinking again. The other day, a story on the new legislation—which gives U.S. citizen rights to the fetus of an immigrant mother—was on the television. There has also been the heated controversy, which came from the law passed about multiple counts of murder being charged when a baby is killed along with his mother in the Lacy Peterson trial. Both of these incidents, along with other examples, have given rise to a deeper look into the psychology of the pro-choice stance. Read More