Good news Friday Night Lights fans. A reunion is in the works! Well, sort of. In a special webisode of the NBC drama Parenthood, Crucifictorious, the rock band of FNL character Landry Clarke (played by Jesse Plemons), stops by the Braverman family music studio for a recording session with the help of Parenthood’s Amber. FNL favorite Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips) also makes an appearance with the band. The four-part web series premiers tomorrow on YouTube, Hulu and ... Discuss


Just in case this commercial for Extra Gum wasn’t enough to make you appreciate the beauty of parenthood, here’s a video from a young couple, showing every day of their pregnancy. The collection of one-second moments, which culminates with the birth of their daughter, is incredibly moving. Also, we totally want to be friends with them—seriously, ski trips, kayaking, hiking, beach vacations and road trips all in a 9-month period of time? We need to hang out some time … Discuss

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