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In addition to functioning as a sort of wearable smartphone, some tech watchers believe that Google Glass will soon be able to discern human emotion. This story looks at several tech companies working on apps that will read cues like vocal tone and facial expressions to determine the emotional state of human users. Though there are some genuinely cool applications for the new technology—like being able to assist those with certain types of autism and other conditions that make it difficult to read others’ emotions—there are also some super creepy ones that could also be possible. Like, what if an ad knew if you were happy, angry or sad and would start suggesting products based on your mood? What if, just like all of your other Internet activity, your moods become stored in some emotion database in order to better understand your temperance as a customer? One of the companies leading development of the emotion-recognition software emphasized, however, that they currently have no desire to explore the app's marketing implications, and are simply focused on making "the way you interact with technology more natural" … Discuss