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According to a new study, playing a quick game of Tetris can help fight cravings among smokers, people attempting to stop drinking and those avoiding junk food. The study from Plymouth University in the UK, tested the “Elaborated Intrusion Theory” which is based on the idea that cravings are largely associated with mental imagery. The concept suggests that if you give the brain something visual to do—like stacking Tetris blocks—the cravings will subside. During the research, people experiencing actual cravings observed a 24% drop in the desire for the thing they wanted after playing the classic video game for three minutes. One of the researchers explained to Medicalxpress, “By playing Tetris, just in short bursts, you are preventing your brain creating those enticing images and without them the craving fades.” It’s just further evidence that old school videos are awesome ... Discuss

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Do you suffer from frustration and anxiety when you don’t have access to your smartphone or the Internet? If so, you may be suffering from a form of technology addiction. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. According to new research from the software company FrontRange, an emotional dependence on technology is increasingly common. They recently surveyed 800 smartphone users in the UK and found that nearly half of them check their phones at least every hour. Two thirds said that they wouldn’t be able to go without their phones for even a day. More than half said that they suffer from actual anxiety when they are unable to access their mobile device. If you can relate to the findings, the researchers have some advice: Go on a tech detox. They found that if people decide to only use their phones during emergencies, within about a week, the signs of tech dependency began to subside. (Of course, reading slices on counts as an emergency) … Discuss