The Roommate Survival Guide

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Lately, George Lucas has mostly been known for ruining your childhood memories. But he just did something pretty awesome. After some of his neighbors in Marin County, California, blocked his plans to build a movie studio on land he owns there, he instead decided to build low-income and affordable housing on the land with the help of the Marin Community Foundation ...


So ... looks like China's housing bubble might burst. The U.S. can assure you: It's not a good time ...


I run an apartment ministry that works with families who live in low-income housing. We work to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of families who are struggling in the midst of poverty. I see a lot of ugly stuff. The kids I work with grow up without much in the way of food, clothes, entertainment or fathers. They deal with racism. They struggle with violence. Poverty is a really bad thing. And I often feel guilty because I don’t know what it’s like to live in it.

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In June, a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of ... moving.

It seems like everyone I know is moving in the next two weeks—my parents, my grandparents, several friends, my fiancé and even me. We’re all engaging in the game of musical housing, which provides annual and sometimes semi-annual entertainment for many here in my city. Read More

I left home this time last year, after living my entire life near Albany and clichédly moved to New York City for a job. It was new and exhilarating but highly disorienting. You’d think that in such a big city, it would be easy to meet people and feel connected. And you’d be wrong. Read More