The Roommate Survival Guide

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I’m in my first year of university At Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto and I’m starting to get these vibes that living with a bunch of your friends is a lot harder than it looks. My first semester went great; I was in residence with my best friend from my hometown and no real problems arose. We lived in a 10x15 room and the cafeteria food tasted like fish-flavoured, soggy corn flakes. We had a great room, though it was small; we loved it, people appreciated it and we always had people there filled with loads of fun. Read More

Four guys. One house. Let the tensions begin. I love my three roommates. They are all great guys and strong followers of Jesus. Each is involved in significant movements in the Jesus’ kingdom, and each deeply desires to honor God with their lives. So how come they can be so annoying sometimes? Being a roommate is easy. Being a good roommate takes work and the attitude of Christ. Here are some suggestions to help you kick a smooth beat with the roomies that share your space. Read More

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