In March 2016, New Zealanders will decide if they want a new flag, and the government is giving people a say in what that flag might look like. They’re allowing New Zealand citizens to submit designs, and the suggestions are flowing in, with nearly 1,000 submitted in the last few weeks. Some seem to be taking their flag designing very seriously, and others, well, let’s just say you probably shouldn’t try to design your country’s new flag on MS Paint. Mashable has compiled some of the worst (best?) ones, and you can view the whole gallery of submissions here ... Discuss

A weather website in New Zealand has created a billboard that can show local conditions with total accuracy. This amazing, new "real-time weather reports” technology, involves actually lifting your eyes from your cell phone momentarily, and looking into the sky. Truly groundbreaking … Discuss

A coroner in New Zealand said that the consumption of massive quantities of Coca-Cola is what likely killed a 30-year-old mother of eight. The woman’s family says she was addicted to the soda and would consume 10 liters of the beverage a day. Her health had deteriorated so badly that she had to have all of her teeth removed because of decay, and she suffered terrible withdrawals if she went without her Coke. She went into cardiac arrest and died in February 2010. In a statement, Coke said, “We believe that all foods and beverages can have a place in a balanced and sensible diet combined with an active lifestyle” and that "grossly excessive ingestion of any food product, including water” could be dangerous … Discuss

After a tough break-up, it's important to do things that make you happy. It's all part of carving out your new identity for yourself, rediscovering who you are as a single person and creating new memories that are independent from some of the painful, rose-tinged ones of you and your ex. So you might want to learn how to play a new instrument. Or, perhaps, take up judo or yoga. Or, maybe, you'll do what this New Zealand man did and build a secret bunker in the house of your ex—complete with food, trap doors and peep holes. The important thing is that you're doing things that help you cope and move on. Nobody can judge how you choose to do that. Except for maybe that last one about building the bunker, in which case a judge will sentence you to jail ... Discuss

Officials in Christchurch, New Zealand, have announced plans to build a temporary cathedral out of cardboard to replace Christchurch Cathedral, which was damaged in the earthquake last year that killed 185 people. The cardboard cathedral will be weatherproof and fire-resistant. Plus, it's easy to recycle ...


One of the more disappointing things about seafood is that when a restaurant labels something a "jumbo shrimp," it's still pretty tiny. Fortunately, some scientists near New Zealand have found a solution: they went into deep ocean water and came up with an 11-inch, shrimp-like creature. Science is constantly redefining our seafood expectations ...