Interesting numbers coming out of a CNN poll, saying thirty-eight percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in most circumstances, but legal in a few. Another twenty percent said abortion should never be legal at all, bringing the grand total of people who believe that abortion should be at least mostly banned up to fifty-eight percent. Twenty-seven percent said abortion should be legal in all circumstances, and the remaining thirteen percent said abortion should generally be legal.

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland had this to say about the findings: "Only a minority of the rank-and-file members of both [Republicans and Democrats] take an extreme position on the issue, with just 31% of Republicans calling for a complete ban on abortion and just 32% of Democrats saying that abortion should be legal in all circumstances" ... Discuss

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Regular readers of RELEVANT know that I was away on a sabbatical for the last couple issues.

I wish it was just one of those “extended vacations” pastors like to take, but unfortunately, mine was spent dealing with a difficult family situation. My team saw me going through it last summer and basically told me, “You need to go.” So I went, and I embraced an unexpected, difficult season without distraction.

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Ali vs. Fraser. Morris vs. Slater. And now, Nye vs. Ham. In case you missed the highly anticipated Rumble in Kentucky that was the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham creationism intellectual showdown, the good folks at Answers in Genesis have put the entire thing on YouTube. You can watch below and use the comment section to give your own thoughts about the Thunderdome throw-down ... Discuss


The Atlantic has put together this map based on new Gallup Poll information about how religious Americans are across the country. Respondents were asked to classify how religious they were—or if they were not religious at all—and based on percentages, each state was assigned a color (the lighter the purple, the higher the “percentage of non-religious” citizens a state contained). Though the regional breakdown is somewhat unsurprising (the southern “Bible belt” still appears to be the most religious), the poll found that a majority of Americans—61%—describe themselves as “very religious” ... Discuss