USA Today has posted this story from a local news station in Missouri, and it’s pretty crazy. Here’s what happened: After rescuers had trouble getting a badly injured driver out of a car at the scene of a horrific accident, she asked them if they could pray together. That’s when, suddenly, an older man wearing clothes like a priest appeared, and prayed with her, anointing her with oil. He then ensured her that a new team of rescuers with the proper equipment was on the way, and that she would be rescued. Here’s where things get strange. When the rescuers and victim turned around, the man was gone. He appears in none of the nearly 70 pictures taken at the scene and at the time he arrived, the street was blocked off for two miles. The victim’s mother told reporters, "I do believe he certainly could have been an angel dressed in priest's attire because the Bible tells us there are angels among us” … Discuss

With all the stories about crime and violence constantly in the news, it’s always refreshing to hear stories like this. This weekend in New York, three twentysomethings jumped onto subway tracks to save a fellow commuter’s life. With the train only a minute away, a man who appeared to be intoxicated fell onto the tracks and was knocked unconscious. That’s when the three heroes took action, going onto the tracks to lift the stranger to safety. One of the heroes, 23-year-old Dennis Codrington, told The New York Post that, for him, the incident “puts a whole new perspective on everything” … Discuss

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After decades of working in secret, Lou Xiaoying's incredible work is finally coming to light, as stories of her finding, rescuing and raising 30 babies from abandonment have started to emerge. She's now 88 and dying of kidney failure, but has spent her entire life making a meager living by recycling trash. Her hunts for garbage in the province of Zhejiang would turn up children left by the side of the road to die, and she took them all in. As she told the Daily Mail, "The whole thing started when I found the first baby, a little girl back in 1972 when I was out collecting rubbish. She was just lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned. She would have died had we not rescued her and taken her in. Watching her grow and become stronger gave us such happiness and I realized I had a real love of caring for children. I realized if we had strength enough to collect garbage how could we not recycle something as important as human lives" ... Discuss

Navy SEALs raided a Somali compound last night to rescue two aid workers who had been kidnapped in October. Officials believe there is no connection with a largerjihadist group. President Obama alluded to the rescue during the State of the Union address by telling Defense Secretary Leon Panetta: "Leon, good job tonight. Good job tonight." ...


Navy SEALs raided a Somali compound last night to rescue two aid workers who had been kidnapped in October. The aid workers, American Jessica Buchanan and Dane Poul Thisted, were seized while visiting humanitarian projects in the northern part of the country.

The aid workers were being held in an area that's known to be a major hub for pirates, and officials believe there is no connection with a larger jihadist group. Nine gunmen were killed in the raid.

According to the CNN article:

A number of high-profile abductions of foreigners have occurred in Somalia and in Kenya, close to the largely lawless Somali border.

Some of the kidnappings have been blamed on the Somali Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab, while others seem to have been carried out by criminals seeking ransoms.

President Barack Obama said he authorized the raid. He thanked the Special Operations forces for their "extraordinary courage and capabilities," but did not provide details on the fatalities.

[...] Before news broke of the rescue, Obama told Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, "Leon, good job tonight. Good job tonight," at the State of the Union address.