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The conflict in the Holy Land has been painted as an unsolvable religious dispute. But is there more to the story? Read More

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In 2008, I thought I had a pretty good idea where my life was headed—and frankly, it did not involve the Middle East.

But when a respected mentor asked me to attend a conference in Jordan, which would be taught by Christians from the region, I decided to go. Read More


Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Iranian officials today in Geneva to discuss a possible deal that would freeze the country’s nuclear program. In exchange for the “first stage” of an agreement to suspend the nuclear production for six months, the U.S. would lift economic sanctions against Iran. The possible deal is not without its critics though; according to a New York Time’s report, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the agreement would be a “grievous historic error,” because the country would still be able to enrich uranium and restart their nuclear program down the road. Even though U.S. officials are optimistic about the common ground that could be found in the agreement with Iran, they also confirmed that Iranian officials do not have any intention of breaking ties with their allies like Hezbollah or Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ... Discuss


As part of a new round of peace talks, Israel has released a second group of Palestinian prisoners. The move to free the 26 individuals has been met with outrage among many Israelis, as they were convicted of terrorism and killing Isreali citizens. In Gaza and the West Bank, where the men are largely viewed as heroes who fought for independence, the release sparked large celebrations. The new peace negotiations from leaders in both regions, recently brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, called for 104 prisoners to be released in the coming months. Following the prisoner release, which has been widely criticized in his country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the construction of new settlements in East Jerusalem, something Palestinian leaders have sharply criticized. It is unclear if the announcement of the 1,500 new homes will negatively affect the peace talks at this point … Discuss