You could be cynical and believe that this guy's main worry was the value of his bride-to-be's engagement ring, but since it's Friday, let's just say it was an overwhelming sense of love that made him find a ring among nine tons of garbage ...


A new documentary (well, new- ish ... it was filmed in 2006) features Sufjan Stevens and brother Marzuki traveling back to Michigan to try to reconnect with their estranged father. The film is sad and poignant (and randomly funny) but, as of print date, has no distributor. Check out for more information and to get updates as the film seeks to make its way to viewers. Read More

Shaun King explains why the church should go where people are searching, even online. Read More

RELEVANT looks at the difficult transition twentysomethings have to make when finding a real job. Read More

A common thread weaves in and out of every human being on the face of this planet; drawing us all together into a sewn piece of handiwork that longs for something more than surface-level interest. There is an itching curiosity, like bugs crawling under our skin, to know for a fact what the meaning of our existence is, what is orchestrating the rhythms of the universe, and how we are meant to spend our days. Humanity is on a boat and is longing to see what is contained in the stomach of the ocean while our vision is limited to simply seeing other boats bobbing on the surface. Read More

Not too long ago, I had what I call a "Theme Day." It’s the kind of day where you can't help but notice a common thread weaving itself in and out of your everyday activities. This was it: