Neue talks to Eugene Peterson about church culture, how to be a pastor for life and why it’s possible for a church to get too big. Read More

My college newspaper rarely addresses religious topics. So I was a little surprised to pick up the latest edition and see Michael Angelo’s “The Creation of Adam” frame from the Sistine Chapel covering the lead page. I have seen the sprawling, cosmic depiction so many times that initially I failed to notice that the newspaper had altered the picture. While God’s majestic form was the same, with one arm extending through the heavens down to his creation, Adam had been significantly changed. Read More

It was the perfect stereotype. I was going to speak at a fundamental, independent, King-James-only, ultra-conservative church. I knew there’d be the choir, the hymns and the time where visitors would be singled out and recognized publicly. Not that these things are terrible—they just seem a little outdated for today’s postmodern, post-Christian culture. Read More