As we roll into 2013, it’s interesting to notice that a new year’s reboot often involves cutting out the bad more than adding in the good. Some of the most common resolutions reflect this, as people annually pledge to give up extra calories, smoking, overspending or other bad habits.

Christians often bring this avoidance approach into their faith, as well. We often define the heart of God by what ought not be done, while leaving undone the many things that ought to be done. Read More

Egypt’s controversial draft constitution goes up for vote this Saturday, and whatever happens, it will have implications for religious freedom, political future, democratic opportunity, social justice and more. The whole thing is complex, hotly debated and often misunderstood. Here’s three things you should know about the situation—and why you should care. Read More

Serving Justice vs. Saving Souls

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Where World Change Begins

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A Mission Diverged

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