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In an extended radio interview with Focus on the Family, U2 frontman and humanitarian Bono discussed his marriage, fatherhood, personal insecurity, faith, salvation, Jesus' "justice agenda," and why being an advocate to the poor is so important to him. Among some of his more notable quotes from the interview, Bono says he relates to David because of his musicianship, and called the Psalms "gospel and songs of praise,” saying they are like “the blues." In discussing Christ, Bono said he respects Jesus’ ability to confront people with truth, calling His frank-but-still-loving attitude “punk rock.” When discussing activism, Bono said differences in theology and beliefs shouldn’t prevent people from uniting on causes that help the suffering, like The One Campaign. “People don't understand in that scripture, the Samaritan was at odds with the ideology of the person he stopped on the road for. This is why we call it The ONE Campaign” … Discuss