Is Poor Environmental Stewardship Sinful?

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Activist and motorcycle enthusiast Anton Berteaux is passionate about helping park rangers at Mongolia’s Lake Hovsgol prevent poachers, illegal mining operators and polluters from destroying the natural wonder. Not only is the fresh water lake home to a variety of unique wildlife, but as Berteaux points out, local indigenous people depend on the lake for their own water needs. His idea is to provide the outmatched rangers—who currently patrol the massive area on horseback—with motorcycles. As unique as his campaign is, his promo video is a work of art. If Wes Anderson were to direct a 2-minute video about supplying motorcycles to park rangers in Mongolia to chase off miners, it would likely look just like this. Evidently, it’s been pretty effective. With almost a week to go, he’s already surpassed his fundraising goal ... Discuss

Music super-producer and fashion entrepreneur Pharrell has announced plans for a new line of jeans made from plastic currently floating in the ocean. Constructed from “bionic yarn”, G-Star’s “RAW for the Oceans” denim will utilize plastic trash that’s been disregarded and ended up polluting the ocean. The material will be melted and transformed into stylish (and likely expensive) pants. As Discovery News points out, the plan won’t be easy, especial to do sustainably: “The fuel needed to remove the plastic and clean it could end up being more than the petroleum saved through recycling” ... Discuss

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Look, there was a lot of news this past week. Anthony Weiner. The Royal baby. Important stuff like that. So, you can hardly be blamed for not noticing that, at some point, temperatures at the North Pole got balmy enough to create a lake where there should be a brick of frozen ice. Experts said that the ice is melting 61% faster than at any recorded point in the past three decades—and, to be clear, this isn't ocean water seeping up through cracks in the lake. That's bonafide ice melt you're looking at. (here's what the North Pole used to look like). So, sorry Santa. Hope you have a contingency plan. We don't ... Discuss