A man in New Hampshire thought for sure he could win an Xbox being offered as a prize for winners of the game “Tubs of Fun” at a local carnival. It didn’t take long before he’d spent his entire life-savings—a sum of $2,600—in a losing effort to claim the $200 video game system. After complaining to the game’s operator that it had to be rigged, he was given back $300 and awarded what many will surely see as a fair consolation prize, a massive (kind of offensive) banana with dreadlocks. Local police are now investigating to see if the Tubs of Fun booth somehow committed fraud by making their game too hard. Either way the good news is, worst-case scenario, he just walked away with a $2,300 stuffed banana …

Update: CollegeHumor is offering to give the man $2,600 and buy him an Xbox as part of a Facebook promotion. They do have one condition though—they want the banana. Discuss

A crippled cruise ship that has been stranded for days in the Gulf of Mexico with limited running water and electricity is expected to finally return to dry land today. Conditions on Carnival’s Triumph are reportedly nightmarish: raw sewage spilling into hallways, three-hour lines for food, a lack of air conditioning forcing passengers to sleep on the deck. In a display of common sense and basic human decency, Carnival announced it has canceled upcoming voyages of the vessel and will provide transportation, a full refund and $500 in compensation for passengers once the boat makes it to Mobile, Ala. … Discuss

Rio de Janeiro's police and firefighters have gone on strike one week before Carnival starts. Now fears have been raised that there will be increased violence so close to the major event, which draws tourists from around the world. Last week, police in Salvador—another popular Carnival destination—went on strike and there was an increase in looting and murders.

Hundreds of thousands of people flock to Carnival every year, and this year will be no exception—especially since Brazil is preparing for hosting the World Cup in 2014. The strikes are now raising concern that the country will be able to provide proper security for the World Cup, as well as the 2016 Olympics.