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The conflict in Syria has inspired a sequel commercial to Save the Children's heartbreaking 2014 "Most Shocking Second in a Day" video that looked at the realities of the Syrian civil war.

"Still the Most Shocking Second a Day" was released this week and continues to follow the same young girl, now her life's circumstances have gotten more desperate. We watch her forced out of her home, separated from her family, fleeing the country by boat and living as a refugee in Paris.

The conflict has been happening for the past five years, displacing millions of people. UNICEF estimates that "8.4 million children–more than 80 percent of Syria's child population–are now affected by the conflict, either inside the country or as refugees in neighboring countries."

The videos are set in England to try to have the Syrian conflict hit home, with the original video ending with "Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening." Both commercials are modeled after the popular one second per day format, where people show parts of their lives with one-second video clips.

Save the Children continues to raise funds to help refugee children and children across the world. Discuss

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OK, yeah, we’re not actually sure what the scientific opposite of a bomb is. But still, go with it:

The startup, Zipline, wants to use drones to deliver medical supplies to Rwanda. They’d be working with UPS and a vaccine distributer called Gavi to deploy, according to Wired, a “fleet of drones” in the impoverished nation. Zipline says its goal is 15 drones making 150 deliveries every day to 21 different locations throughout the western part of Rwanda. The government there recently approved what Wired called “remarkably progressive” guidelines for drone use, and is working with Zipline on the project.

So, of course, we’re still a little skeptical about drones flying our groceries to us and getting in the way of NFL game. And, the prospect of drone military strikes is deeply concerning. But this is very cool—and it could be very important. You can watch Wired’s brief video about Zipline here. Discuss

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