Today, just a day after the United States Senate voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood, The Center for Medical Progress released a fifth undercover video. This one—the latest in a series of sting-style videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials talking about the sale of fetal body parts for research—shows a different executive discussing the ability of doctors at the federation’s Texas branch to extract intact fetal parts. Shockingly, she even alludes to full bodies: they can somehow adjust their process to “obtain intact fetal cadavers,” she says. She goes on to describe details about pricing and shipment. Like the previous videos, this one is highly graphic. Discuss

Justice for All in the Abortion Debate

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The perpetrator(s) placed the battle flags right below a “Black Lives Matter, Hands Up” poster at Ebenezer Baptist Church—the historically black church in Atlanta, Georgia, where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached. In a statement, Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer, said the flags represent “a terrorist act meant to intimidate.” He equated the littering to placing Swastikas around a Jewish synagogue. “Let the message go out that we will not be shaken by this,” said Warnock, who has been outspoken about recent race-based acts of violence like police shootings and the Charleston shooting. “We will not be intimidated.” Federal and local authorities are hopeful that the church’s surveillance cameras will help identify suspects. Discuss

An architect in the UK has come up with a new design that he believes could help London’s growing homeless population. James Furzer won the Farko International Design Competition for his “Homes for the Homeless” floating urban pods. He’s designed affordable, temporary structures that are affixed to the sides of the buildings above street-level, that can be accessed by ladder. And though they are insulated and include a mattress, the pods are mainly built from plywood around a steel frame. Because of the wide-spread use of anti-homeless design implements like spikes that prevent sleeping in public spaces, Furzer believes that his designs can provide a safe, affordable solution to problems facing urban homeless communities. He explained to The Daily Mail, “The idea would be potentially for a pod like this to be donated to a homeless charity, who could monitor it for a select amount of evening hours." Discuss

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Police are looking into cross-burnings at an African-American and Hispanic church in in El Paso, Texas. First, someone lit a two-foot tall cross in front of Smyrna Seventh Day Adventist Church in east El Paso on Saturday night. Then Monday night, someone did it again. “I know of no reason why anyone would do this. We're trying to stay positive," said the church’s pastor, Allen Brewer. “I understand there's a lot going on in the country these days," he said, referencing last month’s church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina. "I don't know why anyone would do this." Discuss