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Instead of giving away cheap T-shirts or promotional clothing items at Austin’s convention center during the massive SXSW festival, the tech company Medallia is collecting it from attendees. The Silicon Valley-based customer management company has partnered with Austin’s Foundation for the Homeless to collect the marketing apparel given away by other companies (know as SWAG—“stuff we all get”) to donate to the local homeless community. Michael Scott would approve ... Discuss

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Giorgio Armani has teamed up with UNICEF for a campaign that encourages people to go without something for 10 minutes, to understand how a small sacrifice can save lives around the world. If you can go 10 minutes without touching your smart phone, the designer will make a donation that will provide clean water to a child in need for one day. All you have to do is use your phone to go to the UNICEF Tap Project website, and follow the instructions—there’s no cheating though. The site actually uses the phone’s built in accelerometer to make sure you haven’t picked it back up ... Discuss

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According to a recent report from the group Open Doors, at least 2,123 believers died for their faith in 2013. That’s nearly twice the amount reported in 2012.

In fact, more Christians were killed in Syria alone than the total killed last year. More than 1,200 Syrian Christians lost their lives in the ongoing conflicts in their country in 2013. Read More