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Reports are coming in saying ISIS took a small western Iraqi town called al-Baghdadi and burned 45 people alive. The victims' identities remain unknown, but local police told the BBC that some of them might be part of a resistance movement that had been battling ISIS for control of the city. The rest of the security personnel and their families are housed in a compound that is now reported to be under ISIS siege.

Al-Baghdadi is only a few miles from Ain al-Asad air base, where 400 U.S. military personnel are training Iraqi fighters. Discuss

In a recent interview with U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times, Canon Andrew White said Christianity in Iraq is in danger of being completely eradicated by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

White, known to Iraqi Christians as the “Vicar of Baghdad,” is the leader of Iraq’s only Anglican Church. He is now in the U.K., forced to flee after ISIS placed a $57 million bounty on his life. Read More

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