I was taught from an early age to give God 10 percent of everything. That meant if I got a dollar, I put 10 cents in the offering plate. If I got 10 dollars, one of them went to the work of the Church. And so on.

But that routine by itself doesn’t engender a mindset of giving. Even if you give 10 percent faithfully, it doesn’t mean you’ll come away with the right perspective about the other 90 percent. Read More

This week we talk to author and pastor Andy Stanley about leadership and business principles as they apply to running a church. Andy knows a lot about churches considering he pastors the second largest one in the U.S. and has just written a new book about creating them. We also introduce you to one of our favorite new indie-folk bands, Wayfarer. The guys play "repurposed hymns and spiritual songs" and perform a live Christmas song for us. Read More

We talk to Andy Stanley about grace, legalism, holiness and why Christians have a hard time figuring out the balance. Read More