Well, here's something awful. What you are seeing below are four Chinese wasps and from now on, you will see them in your nightmares, because that's where they belong. Sadly, they also belong in the waking world, and they're becoming a very serious problem. Scientists think that global warming may be contributing to their increased numbers, which wouldn't be so bad if these things weren't actually deadly. The Guardian reports that at least 28 people have died and many more injured by waves of these terror creatures, which can fly about 25 miles an hour. Their venom wreaks havoc on your kidneys and can send you into anaphylactic shock.

Oh, and they've been spotted in Illinois. Sleep tight ... Discuss

First of all, who knew you could ban certain types of emails? France did, that's who—and they're doing it. Specifically, they're banning checking your work email between the hours of 6pm and 9am, making it legally mandatory to leave your work at work and focus on home while you're home. It's all part of France's "35-hour work week," which they implemented in 1999, but has become difficult to enforce following the smartphone revolution. Well, smartphones or not, if you work from home in France, you'd better be prepared to pay the price.

In the meantime, according to Gawker, the average American works 200 more hours per year than the average French worker ... Discuss

Early contender for the best story of 2014 here. The Loro Parque Zoo on the Spanish island of Tenerife was running a routine training drill about what to do if a gorilla escapes its cage, which involved having an employee dress up in a gorilla suit and run around the zoo. Sounds like quite the work environment. However, the zoo's all-staff communication must need some work, because one other employee was on a very different page. He's the zoo veterinarian, and when he saw the gorilla-suited employee (who must have been doing a fabulous job), he was under the impression that the apeocalypse had begun, and took matters into his own hands, shooting his fellow co-worker with a tranquilizer dart intended for a 400-lb. gorilla.

The employee dropped like a stone (just imagine how heroic the veterinarian must have felt at first) and had to be taken to the hospital, where he made a full recovery, and the rest of the zoo can rest assured that if a gorilla ever does escape its cage, at least one person knows what to do ... Discuss

At 95 years old, Nelson Mandela—an incredible human being, icon of peace and inspiration to untold millions—has passed away. "This is the moment of our deepest sorrow. Our nation has lost its greatest son," South African President Zuma said. RELEVANT will have a full look at his life and legacy shortly, but in the meantime, please read his powerful, moving statement at the opening of the defense case in his trial ... Discuss

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