Police in Austria arrested three men in connection with the gruesome discovery of 71 bodies, believed to be migrants attempting to flee war-ravaged Syria for safety in Europe. Authorities believe that the group suffocated to death while be transported by human traffickers in the back of a box truck. The country’s interior minister called for a crackdown on traffickers, saying, "People smugglers are criminals and not well-minded helpers. They do not care about the well-being of the refugees, they care about profit." Two of the men arrested were drivers of the truck that was left abandoned on the side of the highway. The other owned the truck. According to the International Organization for Migration, this year alone, 2,373 migrants have died at sea while attempting to get to Europe, many on dangerous boats overloaded by human traffickers. Discuss

Authorities in Austria found the bodies of up to 50 people in a the back of a large box truck that was left abandoned on a highway linking several European countries. The victims are believed to be migrants who may have suffocated. The driver of the truck—which had license plates from Hungary—was not found. The ongoing civil war in Syria has displaced millions, and many of the refugees have attempted to make it to safety in Europe by extremely dangerous means. Discuss

The Wrong Response to Scary Headlines

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Is your day off to a rough start? At least it’s probably not as bad as this 12-year-old boy’s, who, during a visit to an art exhibition in Taiwan, tripped and fell into a $1.5 million painting. While trying to catch himself, the youngster ended up poking a large hole in the canvas. The whole unfortunate episode was, of course, captured on a security camera. Fortunately though, the young art fan won’t be held responsible for the accident. According to the Focus Taiwan News Channel, the exhibition’s organizers plan on requesting that an insurance company pay to have the painting restored. Discuss

What Can Be Done About ISIS?

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Two men in Poland claim they discovered a Nazi ‘ghost train’ filled with with gold and jewels. According to the Daily News, legend has it that a “train laden with treasure that belonged to the Wehrmacht disappeared into a mountain tunnel toward the end of the World War II.” The train—carrying guns, jewels and other treasure—entered a mountain tunnel in the Lower Silesian region of what’s now part of Poland and never re-emerged. Apparently, the tunnel closed later, and everyone just forgot the location. Still, some experts claim the train never existed, and these two men are attention-grabbing. Of course, the guys say they deserve 10 percent of the alleged treasure. And if it turns out to be true, 10 percent seems reasonable to us. Discuss