Officials in Liberia say that a 17-year-old has died after contracting the Ebola virus. The news comes 52 days after the World Health Organization declared that the country was free from the deadly disease. At least 11,000 people died during the massive Ebola outbreak that struck Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, though the area where the latest Liberian case was discovered is not near any borders. Several dozen new infection cases are still being reported on a weekly basis in Sierra Leone and Guinea. Discuss

For the first time, the radical Islamic group ISIS has publically beheaded two civilian women—along with their husbands—accusing them of witchcraft. An official from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told The Daily Beast that witnesses confirmed the killings. Though ISIS has previously executed female Kurdish fighters, this marks the first known time that they’ve publicly executed a non-military woman. ISIS said the two couples used “magic for medicine,” and told locals in the eastern governorate of Deir ez-Zor to come out and watch them be brutally executed for their "crimes." Discuss

Egyptian prosecutor Hisham Barakat—who has brought thousands of Islamists to trial including former president of Egypt Mohammed Morsi—has been killed after a convoy he was traveling in was struck by a car bomb. Many of the individuals and Muslim Brotherhood supporters he prosecuted were sentence to death or life in prison. According to the BBC, ISIS has called for new attacks against Egyptian officials after the government recently hanged six ISIS fighters. Discuss

ISIS militants massacred more than 200 civilians, according to a disturbing report, when they raided the small, mostly Kurdish town of Kobani on the Syrian border late last week. Among the victims were women and children. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Kurdish officials say more than 40 of the ISIS fighters were killed as Kurdish forces reclaimed the city over the weekend. Though some of the victims were killed in car bombings after the ISIS terrorists detonated car bombs, many were shot dead in their homes or in the streets by snipers. Experts told the AP that the brutal killings of civilians by the radical Islamic group were likely a form of revenge for recent defeats at the hands of Western-backed Kurdish fighters. Discuss

This weekend, the pro-abortion group Women on Waves used a drone to deliver several doses of doctor-prescribed abortion drugs illegally to women in Poland, where abortion access is limited. The group, which travels the world delivering abortion drugs to restricted areas, flew the unmanned drone from a border-town in Germany. They were arrested by police shortly after. In Poland, abortion is mostly limited to cases of incest, rape or when the mother’s life is medically threatened, but the number of illegal abortions is thought to be very high. Contraceptives are also not easily available to most people in the country. After the drone dropped the medication, two women took it to end their pregnancies. Discuss

According to authorities, at least 28 people were massacred on a beach at a resort in Tunisia by terrorist gunmen. At least 36 others were wounded. One of the two attackers—who stormed the hotel frequented by tourists—was killed by security officials, the other is on the run. Though it is not clear where all of the victims are from, the timing of the attack suggest that most were foreign tourists. As the Chicago Tribune notes, the massacre took place during Ramadan when most Muslims in the region would not likely be visiting a beach. The attack came as radical Islamists executed two other acts of terrorism on the same day, decapitating a man at a gas plant in France and igniting a car bomb that killed at least 16 at a Shiite mosque in Kuwait. Earlier this year, a group with ties to ISIS stormed a museum in Tunisia and murdered 22 people who were mostly tourists ... Discuss