Following the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez yesterday, it has been announced that his handpicked successor, Vice President Nicolas Maduro, will run the nation as the interim president. In a news conference explaining he transition, Maduro also launched into conspiracy theories. He suggested that the U.S. may have been behind Chavez’s cancer and that Washington was attempting to destabilize the country.

A State Department representative released a statement saying, "We completely reject the Venezuelan government's claim that the United States is involved in any type of conspiracy to destabilize the Venezuelan government.” Venezuelan officials did not make it immediately clear when a new presidential election would be held. Chavez, an outspoken critic of the United States, ran the socialist country nearly singlehandedly for 14 years … Discuss

Internet conspiracy theorists may have just uncovered the latest nefarious plot from the Illuminati.

Observant decoders noticed that at one point during her half-time performance, Beyonce flashed a hand sign that looked eerily similar to the mysterious sign of the Illuminati. Please ignore the fact that Beyoncé was most likely giving a shout-out to her husband Jay-Z’s record label Roc-A-Fella, which also uses a diamond for its symbol, because Internet conspiracy theorists are almost never wrong. Plus, it makes perfect sense—when their efforts aren’t solely focused on secretive world domination, the Illuminati is known for reuniting ‘90s pop groups and revealing symbols hidden for centuries during football half-time shows. It’s almost too perfect … Discuss