If you live in Texas, North Carolina or Washington D.C., you may have heard a new radio ad that asks listeners to pray that Speaker of the House John Boehner is able to find a way to fix the immigration system. The Evangelical Immigration Table—a coalition of evangelical leaders seeking immigration reform—reportedly paid $1 million for the print and radio ad campaign that is focused on seeking God’s guidance for political leaders regarding immigration. In one of the radio ads, a pastor asks believers to pray that Boehner and other lawmakers find a compassionate solution to the country’s immigration issue. “Families are separated, employers can't find the workers they need, and the undocumented that want to get right with the law are told to get in a line that doesn't exist … Please join me in praying for Speaker Boehner and House leadership, that God will help them find an immigration solution that reflects Biblical values.” On their website, the EIT has a form where users can commit to pray for reform and learn more about immigration issues ... Discuss

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants the United States to undertake serious immigration reform, finding more ways to give undocumented residents opportunities to remain in the country legally. In an interview with ABC News about his new initiative, Zuckerberg said that immigration reform is “one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.” The 29-year-old Silicon Valley billionaire told ABC, “When you meet these children who are really talented, and they’ve grown up in America and they really don’t know any other country besides that, but they don’t have the opportunities that … we all enjoy, it’s really heartbreaking, right?”

At a recent hackathon (in connection with his immigration reform advocacy organization), Zuckerberg brought together a group of young undocumented immigrants—often referred to as “dreamers” because they would be granted legal residency under the proposed DREAM ACT—to demonstrate their talent in the tech field. “One of the things that the ‘dreamers’ here today show is that even if, you know, you’re a child of someone who came here who wouldn’t be considered one of the higher-skilled workers … you can be one of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.” Zuckerberg said that despite the failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation, he is confident that his new organization can make a difference … Discuss

Why Immigration Reform is a Christian Cause

NHCLC President Samuel Rodriguez on why Christians should care about immigration reform. Read More

The Senate has passed an immigration reform bill that would give 11 million undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship and allocate $30 billion for new border security measures. The new bill even managed to garner some bi-partisan support, with 14 Republicans voting to pass the measure on a 68-32 tally. President Obama said that the Senate vote helps in "bringing us a critical step closer to fixing our broken immigration system once and for all." The new immigration reform legislation could still fall in the House of Representatives, where Speaker John Boehner has said that he doesn’t even plan to bring the bill to the floor unless it receives support from a majority of Republicans … Discuss

Immigration reform has been brewing for some time, but it recently took a new turn when more than 100 evangelical leaders, pastors and activists came together to form a coalition dedicated to lobbying for immigration reform. The Evangelical Immigration Table has united evangelical leaders from a wide spectrum of political and theological leanings with a single mission. Here’s what they’re asking for: Read More

A wide-reaching immigration reform bill has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The legislation received bipartisan support, and can now be debated on the Senate floor. In addition to requiring the government to undertake new measures to prevent illegal immigration in the future, the bill provides an eventual path to citizenship for 11.5 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States. The legislation also contains a provision to introduce a new visa program that would help workers in low skill jobs across the country.

The bill was not without controversy though; Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, sought to add an amendment to the bill that would, in-effect, federally recognize same-sex marriage. The amendment was not approved as fellow legislators saw it as a point of contention with GOP lawmakers, who would possibly pull their support of the bill entirely if it was included. Critics of the amendment also argued that an upcoming ruling by the Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act could render the proposed addition irrelevant … Discuss