Jesus for President 2012

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Hurricane Sandy, Election Ramp-Up and Human Compassion

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A new poll says that a whopping 78% of Americans are "frustrated" with the current presidential race, with 66% saying that candidates are spending too much time attacking each other and not enough time talking about actual issues like why we should vote for them. And 64% of Americans say that attack ads actually harm the political process. And, perhaps most telling, 74% of Americans say that the problem is only getting worse. And all of this seems a little obvious: nobody likes attack ads. The only question these polls don't answer? If nobody likes attack ads, why do campaigns keep making them? ... Discuss


Think you know what the President said yesterday about the Bush tax cuts? If you learned about it from the news, you don't. New York Magazine is reporting that every single major news media outlet got it wrong. The news stations, from Fox News to CNN, reported that President Obama proposed a one year extension of the tax cuts for families making less than $250,000. In actuality, the President's proposal is that Bush's tax cuts continue for everyone. Jay-Z, Joe the Plumber and everyone in between. If you're looking for the source of this flub, look no further than the President himself, who is—according to NY Mag—trying to force Mitt Romney's hand ... Discuss