Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill today that bans Americans from adopting Russian children. The bill also forbids NGOs receiving American funds to be closed if the organizations are in any way political. It's widely understood this bill was passed in response to President Obama's recent sanction against Russians believed to be human rights violators. Putin also claims the U.S. funded and supported anti-government protests that arose in Russia last winter. There are currently 740,000 orphans in Russia, with 18,000 Russian adults on a waiting list to adopt. Previously, the U.S. had been the highest adoptive destination for Russian children ... Discuss


A law that began with the noblest of intentions—to make the Internet a safe place for kids—has the potential to curb free speech in Russia. In July, Vladimir Putin signed the amended Act for Information, which took effect in October, giving the Russian government free rein to blacklist and shut down websites it deems harmful, without any due process.

What are the limits of this law? How is “harmful to children” defined? Critics are raising these questions, seeing the law as a move by Putin to exercise greater control over the population. Read More


According to a German newspaper granted an exclusive interview with the controversial leader, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will leave politics when his second term comes to an end. Claiming that "eight years are enough," Ahmadinejad reportedly does not envision a Vladimir Putin–stylereturn to office after sitting out for a term ...