Sure, many Christians will find the show's irreverent depiction of Jesus offensive. But the truly interesting part is that this segment ends up being less funny and more of an indictment of the current political climate. And, unexpectedly, Kimmel may cause some Christians to pause and think about their politics in light of their faith. Check it out:


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It's 2016. You know what this means, right? (Other than time is clearly speeding up.) It’s another insane/stressful/chaotic/divisive election year—which, aside from the whole “democracy is awesome and we should all be participatory citizens” thing, is pretty much the worst thing ever. Especially if you’re a thinking Christian.

Every year, as magazines are wont to do, we like to poll RELEVANT readers. We ask how we’re doing, and what they want to see in the magazine. Then we sneak in my favorite question: “What do you think of RELEVANT’s political content?” Read More