Yesterday, we posted a story about Iranian state TV’s harsh words for the Academy Award’s Best Picture winner Argo. The Iranian news agency said the film was “anti-Iran”, “an advertisement for the CIA” and even called the movie’s production company “Zionist”. Well, along with the filmmaking of Ben Affleck, Iran is apparently also no fan of sleeveless evening gowns. While showing a clip from the Oscars ceremony, in which First Lady Michelle Obama announced the award live from the White House, the news agency Fars Photoshopped her dress to make it less revealing. According to Yahoo, her dress violated modesty codes enforced throughout many Muslim countries … Discuss


Sometimes it pays to have a sweet haircut. (And if you’re smart enough to also land a 1-ton robotic rover on a far-off planet, well, that’s a plus, as well.) The mohawked NASA engineer whose star-themed haircut went viral following the Mars rover “Curiosity” landing will sit next to First Lady Michelle Obama at tonight’s State of the Union address. Bobak Ferdowsi, an Iranian-American, will help underscore the president’s platform of offering more visas to immigrants skilled in the fields of math and science. On the other side of the common-sense spectrum, a Texas congressman has personally invited ‘80s rock star Ted Nugent to the event as his guest—the same Ted Nugent who was recently visited by the Secret Service after a rant in which he proclaimed he would either be “dead or in jail” if the president was re-elected. Keep it classy, Nuge … Discuss


The President, Mrs. Obama and Malia attended the USA basketball game on Monday night and made an appearance on what is easily our nation's most wonderful and romantic invention, the Kiss Cam. It's got to be a little weird to appear on the Kiss Cam and, all of a sudden, have all this pressure to do something you've probably done a million times before. It's basically an individual kiss mandate. And then, you're supposed to wave to the camera but you always end up waving at the Jumbotron instead, so you're really just waving at a live feed of yourself. And maybe you look a little dorky, but you're still all smiles because, hey, nobody's unhappy on the Kiss Cam. Presidents. They're just like us ... Discuss


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