The good folks at The Internet Archive—the same group that recently added a collection of 900 classic arcade games to its database—has figured out another way to allow you to waste even more time online. They’ve added nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games from the glory days of personal computing, including iconic favorites like The Oregon Trail, Master of Orion and Prince of Persia. You might as well just cancel your afternoon plans now ... Discuss

The Facebook and smartphone-based game Candy Crush Saga registers more than 600 million active gaming sessions every day, so obviously, there’s something extremely compelling about the puzzle app. The game has become so popular that it’s sparked an entirely new social problem—chronic Candy Crush addiction. An addiction treatment center in the U.K. is now offering a rehab program (which costs $5,000) for the game’s addicts, and says that it receives 100 inquiries a month about the recovery treatment plan.

So, how do you know if you’re “addicted” to the colorful game? According to the rehab center’s spokeswoman, you may have a problem if you are “someone who spends four to five hours a day playing the game, lets the game override personal relationships, makes excuses to avoid social situations, and locks him or herself away in order to play.” If that’s you, get help—and please, we beg of you, stop asking us for more lives on Facebook. We’re done enabling you …

UPDATE: It turns out, this was just a hoax ... though probably still a good idea. Discuss

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Luigi. The quintessential sidekick. Though gifted with the exact (vague) abilities of his much more famous brother, Luigi has always lived in the shadows, under-appreciated by the masses. And that will do something to a man, as the Internet has learned. In the newly released Mario Kart 8, Luigi throws some serious shade whenever he gets the upper hand on a fellow racer. Just look at this clip, and stare into the eyes of a man who has nothing to lose. The Internet has gotten mighty creative with this meme, as you can see in this collection (warning: some explicit lyrics at the link) ... Discuss

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The Internet Archive—the web’s free home to all manner of classic media—recently added about 900 arcade games to its library of goodness.

Paperboy, Q*Bert, Pac-Man Plus, Street Fighter 2, Centipede and a ton of others are now all live and playable. Do yourself a favor, and spend your lunch break exploring the world’s most fun digital museum ... Discuss