The day has come. Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s highly anticipated Mario smartphone debut drops today. The game isn’t cheap (at least for an iPhone game) at $10, but, for everyone who’s missed pop-culture’s most famous plumber, it’s a small price to pay for some early side-scrolling ‘90s nostalgia. Discuss

Last night, video game legend Shigeru Miyamoto—the man behind some of the best-selling Nintendo games of all time—stopped by The Tonight Show, and played the theme to one of his most beloved games with The Roots.

The minute-long rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme will take you right back to the good ole’ days of exploring random pipes, squashing mushrooms and saving princesses. Discuss

This week, the video game That Dragon, Cancer took home the Games For Impact award at The Game Awards, and the acceptance speech is incredible. If you’re not familiar, the game is based on a family’s real-life story, as they find out their young son has terminal cancer. Prayer, faith and God play a big role in the Green family’s own story and the game itself.

In his acceptance speech, the game’s creator Ryan Green, whose son Joel passed away after his battle with cancer, said,

You let us tell the story of my son Joel. In the end, it was not the story we wanted to tell. But you chose to love us through our grief by being willing to stop, and to listen, and to not turn away. To let my son Joel’s life change you, because you chose to see him and experience how we loved him. And I have hope that we are all willing to see each other, not just for who we want to be, but who we are and who we’re meant to be. This act of love and grace can change the world.

In an interview with RELEVANT this spring, Green explained how the game has helped further shape his own faith,

For me, there’s just been this reset of ‘God is bigger and more mysterious and beyond what I understand. But I have hope that since He calls himself Father, He must, in some way, be like how I feel about Joel.

I have to hold on to that tether. I feel like that is a reflection of creation: It’s messy, it’s brutal and it’s full of pain and suffering. And yet, I feel like there must be something really intrinsic about creation in that story. [That’s] the thing I’m wrestling with and trying to understand, but kind of resolving that I won’t understand.

Something happened during the filming of this Super Nintendo commercial that has caused Paul Rudd to stop aging. Trust us, you can’t tell the difference between ‘90s Paul Rudd and today’s Paul Rudd. Discuss

Someone who was evidently extremely bored at work used Microsoft Excel to recreate the first level of the classic video game Super Mario Bros., and it is an impressive work of pointless creativity.

According to the YouTube description, the stop-motion project used “about 1,000” pictures and “some hours of work.” And, best of all, it only takes 60 seconds to sit back and enjoy. Discuss

Pokémon Go—we're guessing you've heard of it— was released less than a week ago and is already on its way to passing the Twitter's daily active users (at least on Android devices), according to Forbes.

And it hasn't even gone global yet.

In case you're one of the 11 people not playing yet, you can find the specifics of the game can be found in this write-up. Basically, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game where the Pokémon appear on your phone screen based on where you are so you can catch them.

It's also a fantasy realized for everyone who played Pokémon growing up and always felt like they wanted to merge the world of Pokémon with the real world.

As evidence of the power of Pokémon Go, check out this news anchor so totally lost in Go, she walked across a live weather broadcast. It's that addictive.