Guitar Hero is back. Five years after the release of the last game in the franchise, the rock and roll video game is returning with Guitar Hero Live. Along with a redesigned interactive guitar controller and some fresh in-game features (like live audiences and playable music video games), the new Guitar Hero has a refreshed lineup of artist contributing songs. The game will still feature classic guitar-shredding acts like The Rolling Stones, but a handful of current bands have been added to the roster including Alt-J, The War on Drugs, Broken Bells, The Killers, The Black Keys, The Lumineers, Sleigh Bells and more. Guitar Hero Live hits stores this fall ... Discuss

After three seasons and 67 episodes, Fox has canceled Mindy Kaling’s sitcom. However, fans may not have seen the last of The Mindy Project. There are rumors that Hulu is already in talks with the show’s studio to bring the series back with all new episodes, similar to what Yahoo did with Community ... Discuss

Get your weekend started in the most pointless way possible: By watching this dad reenact the animations for each individual character in the video game Super Smash Bros. These are five gloriously awkward minutes you will never be able to get back ... Discuss

The new game LEGO Dimensions lets players scan actual LEGO creations into their gaming device, and then makes them playable features in a video game. Confused? So is Joel McHale in this commercial. Admittedly though, even if you don’t have kids, the idea of using physical LEGO toys inside a virtual universe, is pretty cool ... Discuss

Google is getting their April Fools Day festivities off to an early start by turning Google Map locations into Pac-Man levels. Just click on the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left corner and say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon ... Discuss

Google Feud is a game that launched last week and quickly went viral, because this is the Internet and that's how things work. Google Feud has a devlishly simple, addictive conceit—you play a Family Feud-type game against Google's Autocomplete. You get a phrase or word, and have to guess what usually comes next when people Google it. Of course, just because the game is simple doesn't mean it's not impossibly sad. For example, the second most common ending word for "How to fake a ..." is "pregnancy." And, as you might expect, "Is the President a ..." is most commonly completed by "Muslim." So, is it interesting? For sure. Is it fun? Depends on your definition. Discuss