The Rise of Evangelical Feminism

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Why Gender Inequality Is a Christian Issue

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5 Ways the Bible Supports Feminism

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“Feminism has become an unpopular word,” Emma Watson told a room of delegates during her speech at a U.N. conference in September.

And she’s got a point—feminism has often been vilified and misunderstood in many different ways over the years. But feminism had a resurgence in 2014, with stars and influencers from Beyoncé to Tina Fey to Sheryl Sandberg reclaiming the word. And Watson’s speech certainly helped continue and amplify the conversation about what feminism means. Read More

In November, Christian author Rachel Held Evans posted a tweet about The Nines, a Christian leadership conference. Evans noted that of the event’s 100-plus speakers, only four were women. “This is not what the Church looks like,” she declared. Read More