Instagram's Envy Effect

Everyone's life looks better on social media. And that's the problem. Read More

Is a generation of kids missing out on a childhood of exploration and outdoor fun because of technology? The granola bar company Nature Valley has released this ad that asks three generations of people in several different families the same question: When you were a kid, what did you do for fun? While parents and grandparents talked about things like fishing, forests and baseball, many of today’s children discussed the hours they spent on mobile devices and playing video games. Sure, it’s a granola bar ad (and not exactly a scientific survey), but it’s still pretty a sobering commentary on how technology is changing the ways we spend our time. Discuss

Why Google’s New Anti-Porn Policy Is Such a Big Deal

The corporate giant's stance against explicit content could have Internet-wide ramifications. Read More

One of Google's less popular but definitely encouraging corporate policies has been their hard stance against pornography. They've thrown an awful lot of their considerable weight against online pornography, and just put into practice two very big moves that will severely limit access to sexually explicit material. First of all, Google will no longer accept advertisements through Google AdWords that promote graphic depictions of sexuality. That means ads that contain or lead to pornography will see a severe drop in clicks that come from Google. The second move was actually launched in March, prohibiting apps sold through Google's app store that contain or promote explicit content. Essentially, if the app is used as either a provider or gateway to pornography, it can no longer be sold through Google ... Discuss