Gather ye crafters, quilters, knitters and artisans and other artsy types (Decoupage? Whittlers?). Etsy's homemade stuff-selling dominance may be over. Amazon has announced it’s starting a new marketplace. Called Handmade at Amazon, the just launched seller (as reported by New York Times) already features 80,000 items from about 5,000 sellers in 60 countries. To participate, sellers must prove that their goods are handmade, unlike Etsy, who recently expanded to allow outsourcing. Currently, Amazon features six categories: “home, jewelry, artwork, stationery and party supplies, kitchen and dining, and baby” with more expected to be rolled out later.


A social entrepreneur named Jessica O. Matthews has created a way for international communities that have insufficient infrastructure to be able to create and store electricity: By playing soccer. Her company, Uncharted Play has created a line of soccer balls (as well as jump ropes) that use hi-tech mechanisms to create and store energy in an internal lithium-ion battery. After the soccer ball has been played with, users can plug electronics directly into it, and get mobile power even when the lights go out. In this piece from Global Daily for Mashable, she explained how the idea came to her while traveling: "[In Nigeria], you'll often lose power several times a day, regardless of socioeconomic status. It's a structural issue.” At the same time, she noticed that children were constantly playing soccer.

Her company has sold more than 50,000 SOCCKET balls and PULSE products, mostly to communities throughout Africa and Latin America, and also uses the one-for-one model (meaning one play system is donated for everyone purchased ... She said, “By designing a product that people already want to use because it's a play product, it makes it easier for people to engage with sustainable energy.” Discuss

Well this is something. In honor of Vladimir Putin’s 63 birthday, Russian jeweler Caviar is releasing 63 special edition iPhone 6s. For a mere $3,356, You get a 128GB iPhone with a titanium back featuring a Putin’s profile in gold, the country’s emblem and a plaque with a verse from Russia’s national anthem. Because nothing says former Communist country like extreme opulence. Discuss

This just in—the newest way for hipsters to listen to their music is actually quite old. As reported by NBC nightly news, the cassette is making its comeback. While it hasn’t quite hit has hard as the vinyl craze, the numbers are impressive. A Springfield, Missouri-based tape manufacture called National Audio Company reports having sold more than 20 million cassette tapes. (20 million!) Kinda insane to think about it. (Seriously, who knew that there were that many tape players still in existence?) But it’s also nice to hear from someone like National Audio Company president who owes his success to “stubbornness and stupidity.” Check out the full video segment below.


OK, so maybe he didn’t buy the company Google. But thanks to a glitch in the system for a brief moment, Sanmay Ved owned the domain name All for the princely sum of $12. Ironically the purchase was made through Google Domains, who quickly canceled his order when they realized their mistake. Oh how the mighty fall.

But as Mashable reports, the domain is still up for grabs. Pranksters, your mission is clear… Discuss

If you’re planning a cross-country road trip any time soon and want to make sure you can snap a couple of images to let your friends know just how well-traveled you are, this list is just the thing to read. The site Busbud looked at popular TripAdvisor destinations, and ranked them by looking at the number of hashtags associated with the place on Instagram. Some of the locations (like this image of the Grand Canyon by @kennethknudsen), aren’t that surprising, but a few of the deeper cuts, like Idaho’s Bear Lake, Maine’s Old Orchard Beach, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes of Michigan, are worth checking out. Discuss