President Obama has released a new statement proposing a plan to protect net neutrality. Essentially, he’s asking the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a utility so that they can implement rules that would prevent providers from favoring certain kinds of content. This means that your Internet provider couldn’t charge you more for visiting certain websites, or intentionally throttle competitors’ sites. In other words, this could be a huge deal.

After courts struck down measures that would block providers from messing with how people get content, there has been a massive public outcry online. As The Verge explains, reclassification would put the Internet in the same category of a utility like water when it comes to significant parts of the law: “This means that Internet providers would just be pumping Internet back and forth through pipes and not actually making any decisions about where the Internet goes” ... Discuss

Just days after reports that Christian Bale officially bailed from the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, new reports say that Michael Fassbender is in talks to play the late tech innovator. The film is already shaping up to be an interesting project. Acclaimed director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (who penned the script to the Silicon Valley hit, The Social Network) are at the helm of the film, which is based on Walter Isaacson bestselling biography of Jobs. According to an early interview with Sorkin, the movie may just be three long scenes—from different eras of Job’s life—that unfold in real time. Also, who wouldn’t want to see a movie where Seth Rogen plays Steve Wozniak? ... Discuss

The app Handwrytten lets you convert digital messages like emails into a actual printed letters that appear to be actually written by a careful human hand, because, as they claim “good old fashioned handwritten notes really stand out.” But, as you can see from this video that’s making the rounds this week, even though the notes look like they were thoughtfully scribed by a human hand, it’s actually just some trained robot behind the pen. Between equipping robots with skills like writing letters that look like they were created by loving humans and actually training them for tournament combat, we can’t help but to think this is going to end badly ... Discuss

A group called MegaBot Inc. is attempting to make the robot fighting league we’ve always dreamed about into a reality. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise nearly $2 million to design and build “5-foot-tall, 15,000-pound, walking humanoid combat robots with giant, modular pneumatic cannons for arms.” Read the last part of that sentence again. Now read this description of what the tournament will look like: “A driver-and-gunner team pilot each MegaBot in a battle against other MegaBots, vehicles, and a variety of other defenses and obstacles in live-action combat – the likes of which the world has only dreamed of through video games and movies.”

At the moment, the MegaBot team is no where near their goal (they’ve raised about $20,000 so far), so if they want to actually go through with their plans of hosting an “epic arena combat” tournament by May 2016, we’re all going to need to start doing our part very soon ... Discuss

Designer Klaus Geiger has figured out how to preserve the timeless, sleek designs of the Apple Power Mac G5: He’s turning them into furniture. Geiger removes the guts of the old computers, converting their steel cases into desks, tables and benches as part of his BENCHMA[®]C line. You can go here to see more of his work ... Discuss