In the past few years, Twitter has made eavesdropping a public event. But, although that can be slightly creepy, it turns out that’s not always a bad thing. When Fox reporter Martina Del Bonta overheard two ORU students striking up a conversation at her airport terminal, she started live-tweeting about the conversation, joking, “I hope I can be at their wedding.” But soon, she was invested, cataloguing their somewhat awkward attempts to flirt with the hashtag #ORUSingle. Over the course of the flight, her tweets got the potential couple free tickets from a concert venue, free dinner from Southwest and even a free pizza. By the time the couple picked up their bags, they’d exchanged numbers and agreed to go on a date—and they’d also become a trending topic. You can read the whole saga here.


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It doesn’t matter how much you enjoyed riding your new hoverboard, testing out that new flat screen TV or donning those new jeans you’ve been wanting, no one had more fun on Christmas morning than this grandmother trying a virtual reality headset for the first time. The 89-year-old tested out a rollercoaster simulation on the Google Cardboard VR device, and needless to say, she had a lot of fun. Discuss

Last night was big a moment for Elon Musk’s private space exploration company SpaceX. During a live webcast, they successfully sent a part of their Falcon 9 rocket back to earth where it safely landed—vertically—at a launch site. The photos, and the live webcast are pretty incredible. The achievement means that the company can actually save valuable rockets used to blast satellites into orbit, meaning it can offer other companies a more economical way to get to space. Discuss

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