Finally, an eating utensil that dispenses condiments with every single bite. The “Utensilmate” is the brainchild of a hot sauce aficionado who found wielding a bottle while eating far too cumbersome. The tool is essentially a tube that connects to your fork or spoon with a magnet and pumps sauce onto food, but evidentially, this a product people are excited about. With 26 days still to go, the Utensilmate has already brought in more than $2,600 on Kickstarter. Discuss

AT&T has released this jarring new ad that shows why texting while driving is a really bad idea. Seeing a violent car accident play out in slow motion isn’t easy to watch, in an era of ever-present smartphones, it’s probably a good one to share. Discuss

Having trouble finding a playdate for your four-legged BFF? Don’t worry, Tindog, a new “dating” app for dogs based on the design of Tinder, has been released. Just browse the database of K-9s in your area, read about potential puppy love connections and swipe right when you find a pal for your puppy. We live in fascinating times. Discuss

Is a generation of kids missing out on a childhood of exploration and outdoor fun because of technology? The granola bar company Nature Valley has released this ad that asks three generations of people in several different families the same question: When you were a kid, what did you do for fun? While parents and grandparents talked about things like fishing, forests and baseball, many of today’s children discussed the hours they spent on mobile devices and playing video games. Sure, it’s a granola bar ad (and not exactly a scientific survey), but it’s still pretty a sobering commentary on how technology is changing the ways we spend our time. Discuss

Music streaming service Spotify has released a feature that it hopes can compete with Apple Music’s curation tools. The new “Discover Weekly” tool sends a two-hour playlist of “new discoveries and deep cuts” based on songs and artists that individual users are currently fans of. According to The Guardian, the large playlists will be created by their editorial department, meaning that labels and business relationships won’t influence the tracks that you hear in your fresh weekly playlist. Discuss

IBM Waton is trying to redeem Internet communication by putting an end to passive-aggressive emails. The tech company this week introduced an instant tone analyzer that uses linguistic analysis to assess the tone of emails or blogs or text message. "Tone Analyzer analyzes given text and provides insights about the emotional, social and writing tones reflected in that text," explained one of the IBM scientists. For emotional tone, IBM Watson somehow perceives your intended emotion, like anger, negativity or happiness. The program even analyzes the openness and agreeability of your text. And Tone Analyzer doesn’t stop there: it helps you edit your email to be open and positive. Your online hospitality rating is about to increase. Discuss