You may remember this video, promoting the high-tech EnChroma glasses that allow colorblind individuals to experience real colors. A YouTuber named Katherine Empey purchased a pair for her brother, who suffers from colorblindness, and filmed his emotional reaction to seeing flowers, bright clothing and the colors of his children’s eyes for the first time ... Discuss

Back in the day, there used to be phones that were mounted in little booths in public places, and people would put real money into a slot and push buttons to dial a number they had memorized in order to call someone. But that was ages ago, so this kid is absolutely baffled when he comes across a phone booth for the first time. Finally, he wraps his mind around the fact that it’s just an “old-fashioned” phone ...


Verizon has announced that it is buying AOL for about $4.4 billion, or $50 a share. And no, that doesn’t mean Verizon just paid millions for instant messaging and email accounts you haven’t used since middle school—AOL owns several media outlets and digital platforms, including The Huffington Post. But the main reason for Verizon’s interest in acquiring the company is AOL’s digital advertising platforms. AOL chairman and CEO told USA Today that the deal is mainly about “mobile and video,” saying that “the whole world is shifting to video.” The deal is supposed to be finalized sometime this summer ... Discuss

A duo known as the Jetman Dubai team has released an incredible, 12-minute video showing them flying over the desert and around the world’s largest buildings wearing actual jetpacks. It’s as awesome as it sounds ... Discuss

A 21-year-old video game designer has created a video game in which players see through the eyes of someone with Alzheimer’s. Alexander Tarvet presented his game as his final project at a digital art show put on by Abertay University in Scotland, where he is a student. Alzheimer’s doesn’t seem like the most thrilling subject for a video game, but Tarvet wants to use his game to raise awareness for the disease. The game puts the player in a foggy room, where they can examine the pictures and personal items around the room to try to make sense of where and who they are. In a press release, Tarvet said this gives players “an immediate sense of the confusion the character feels.” It’s still to be determined if the game will end up on store shelves, but it is just the latest of a handful of video games that aim not just to entertain players, but also to help them empathize with those suffering from various health issues ... Discuss

Most expecting mothers get a chance to see an ultrasound of their baby before they’re born. But that wasn’t the case for Tatiana Guerra, who became blind at the age of 17. Since she couldn't see the ultrasound screen, Guerra was left wondering what her son would look like until he was born and she could touch his face. Huggies decided to surprise the mother-to-be with a 3D print of the ultrasound. They captured the moment in a short film that's sure to dissolve you into a puddle of tears ... Discuss