IBM Waton is trying to redeem Internet communication by putting an end to passive-aggressive emails. The tech company this week introduced an instant tone analyzer that uses linguistic analysis to assess the tone of emails or blogs or text message. "Tone Analyzer analyzes given text and provides insights about the emotional, social and writing tones reflected in that text," explained one of the IBM scientists. For emotional tone, IBM Watson somehow perceives your intended emotion, like anger, negativity or happiness. The program even analyzes the openness and agreeability of your text. And Tone Analyzer doesn’t stop there: it helps you edit your email to be open and positive. Your online hospitality rating is about to increase. Discuss

Today, Apple launched the latest generation of iPod Touch, and it’s a major upgrade from the last model. The new version incorporates all of Apple’s latest services, including fitness tracking, a high-definition camera for FaceTime and access to Apple Music. Basically, as long as you're connected to Wi-Fi, it can do just about everything an iPhone can, except make phone calls. The new iPod is available in models that can store anywhere from 16GB to 128GB (the largest capacity of iPod touch the company has ever made) and range from $199 to $399. So depending on how you look at it, you either get an overqualified MP3 player or less expensive non-phone. Discuss

The Spiritual Consequences of Selfie Culture

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Getting a phone call meant for someone else can be slightly irritating, especially if it’s a robot, and not a live human, on the other end of the line. Getting 153 such calls in less than a year qualifies as harassment, at least according to the judge in a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable. The company repeatedly called Araceli King’s cellphone through an automated system trying to reach someone who previously held her phone number. King reached out to the company trying to get them to stop, and even explained the mix up to a company representative, but the calls kept coming, so she sued. The judge awarded King $1,500 per call, saying TWC didn’t do enough to address the problem. TWC is currently reviewing the decision. Discuss

Finally, a way to see which one of your so-called “friends” has disconnected with you on the only social realm that really seems to matter any more, Facebook. The new iOS and Android app (and Google Chrome extension) “Who Deleted Me” memorizes your Friend list every time you log onto Facebook, and can then tell you when former friends no longer show up on the list. Download at the risk of your self-esteem. Discuss

Real Steel is about to come to life. Last week, the American robotics company Megabot Inc., the makers of a giant piloted fighting robot, challenged a Japanese tech company, Suidobashi, who has their own pilot-driven battle-bot, to an old fashioned duel. And yesterday, they accepted. To be honest, at this point, the Japanese team, with their high-tech million-dollar machine, seem to have the advantage. Their robot is faster, lighter and far more advanced. However, if Rocky IV has taught us anything, it’s that America’s never been afraid to be the underdog. No exact date has been set, but the battle for international robot supremacy will likely go down next year. Discuss