A physicist from England has finally solved one of the great engineering problems of our time: How to keep earbuds from getting tangled. Putting his intensive background from a life dedicated to understanding the mathematical rules that govern our natural world to use, Robert Matthews found that if you clip the earbuds in two places when not in use—near the end of the jack and earbud ends, and in the middle of the skinny wires (as shown here)—they won’t become an infuriating tangled mess. “Simply clipping together the two ends of the cords makes the cable less likely to form a knot, saving the frustration of having to untangle it before plugging in,” he told the Daily Mail. Clearly, his years of higher education have been well spent ... Discuss


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of TV’s greatest sitcom with this collection of Seinfeld-themed Emojis. Unfortunately, they aren’t available to download for all keyboards yet (an app is coming soon), but don’t worry, the geniuses behind the artwork—who happen to be the same team behind the @Seinfeld2000 Twitter profile—are on the case:

We called Apple and tried to make this hapen but honestly the CEO, Tim Cook or whatever, he was like “how did you get my phone number, this is my confidentiel unlisted number. I am v busy, plese stop calling” and then when we called back he simply declined becase it went straght to voicemail after only one ring or whatever.


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We live in wondrous times. A man in Ohio named Zach Danger Brown thought it would be funny to set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 so that he could make a bowl of potato salad. In an interview with Buzzfeed, he explained, “I’ve always enjoyed potato salad at Memorial Day parties and Labor Day parties. Early this week someone asked if I’d ever made potato salad and I couldn’t say that I had. So I turned to Kickstarter to change that.” The unexpected publicity brought out the Internet’s most generous potato salad lovers and fans of ironic fundraising efforts, and so far, he’s exceeded his $10 goal by more than $35,000. And, there’s still 25 days left to go. Somehow, LeVar Burton’s $5.4 million Kickstarter effort to bring back Reading Rainbow seems just a little less impressive ...

Update: The Kickstarter has passed the $60,000 mark. Discuss


Imagine getting paid to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix all day. If you live in the U.K. and are currently looking for a new job, that dream may soon be a reality. The streaming programming provider is looking for a new “tagger,” whose job it will be to watch movies and TV shows from home—full time—and “describe them using objective tags." Netflix relies on a sophisticated tagging system to make all of those handy recommendations, and hey, somebody’s got to do the actual work of creating the tags. Even if you don’t live in the U.K. (where the lucky new Netflix employee must be), you can send your application here anyways, because if there was ever a job worth moving for, this is it ... Discuss


A developer named Brian Min has created this vintage-looking computer keyboard inspired by the classic design of mechanical typewriters. The old school style “Qwerkywriter” even has the ability to connect to a tablet in addition to desktop computers. You can watch several videos of how the typewriter-themed device was created over on its Kickstarter page (which has already reached its goal of $90,000) ... Discuss