How to Avoid Getting Caught in Facebook Arguments

A pastor of my church participated in a conversation on social media that I felt was insensitive. How do I respond? Read More

Who hasn’t been elbow deep in a bucket of fried chicken, unable to respond to a text message because their fingers were completely covered with grease? For some, the daily struggle is real. That’s why KFC invented the “Tray Typer”: A thin, Bluetooth tray that is impervious to chicken grease, and will let you use your phone while consuming their deep-fried brand of fast food cuisine. It’s unclear what KFC’s long-term plans are for the devices (they were initially only handed out in German restaurants for a week period), but they may be a glimpse into the future. And, as it turns out, WALL*E was right ... Discuss

A company called HyperLoop Transportation Technologies may soon find out if the vision of Elon Musk—the billionaire entrepreneur behind companies including Space X, SolarCity and Tesla—to get commuters from San Francisco to LA in just over a half hour can be a reality. Musk’s idea is to create a tube that would utilize solar power, fans and magnets to carry travelers in pods at speeds up to 800 mph. Now, HTT, which is operating independently of the inventor, has just been given the green light by California officials to build a 5-mile, $100 million Hyperloop test track. Though the test train will only go 200 mph, engineers hope that it could be the first step in making Hyperloop transportation a reality. Musk says that the futuristic speed trains could offer a more fuel efficient way (compared to air travel) to go long distances at extremely high speeds. Also, they look like giant hamster tubes, and hamsters always appear to be having fun; so there’s another benefit ... Discuss

The fashion company Kate Spade has partnered with a tech startup called Everpurse to create a new line of handbags that will actually charge your mobile device. Once a purse is fully charged (which will now be a thing people do), a user will get about two-days worth of juice for their iPhones. You won’t ever have to actually plug your purse into an outlet however; the purses get charged by resting on a special electronic mat that comes with each bag. Everpurse, the company behind the technology, got their start from a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 that raised $238,000 ... Discuss

A Redditor posted this picture, reportedly from the student wellness center building on the Utah Valley University campus that has designated lanes for walkers, runners and texters. This is what our mobile device addiction has come to ... Discuss

The self-driving car revolution is upon us ... kind of. Google has announced that its fleet of high-tech, self-driving cars will be unleashed on public roads in Mountain View, California, later this summer—with some caveats. Up to now, the vehicles have mainly been tested on closed test roads to see how their driverless technology (with no steering wheel or pedals) will actually work. The new vehicles however, which will be driven on actual streets, will have many of the normal controls of traditional cars as well as a “safety driver” and a max speed of 25 MPH. It’s not exactly an overnight revolution, but it may be one step closer to making driverless cars a reality ... Discuss