A developer at the search engine Shodan pinged IP addresses around the world to create this map that shows every internet-connected device on the entire planet. The map not only serves as an interesting look at how dependent we’ve become on online technology, but also at the inequality of access to it across the world ... Discuss

The Daily Dot is reporting that five million Gmail passwords have leaked on a Russian bitcoin site, which is about the most absurd sentence you're likely to read today. Supposedly, Gmail itself has not been leaked—but these passwords have been cracked (Reddit is theorizing that the passwords were actually taken from sites associated with Gmail accounts). In any case, you should definitely see if your password is among them. Plug your email into this tool and it will tell you whether or not your password is OK. Or, if you'd rather be on the safe side, just change your passwords ... Discuss

Buried underneath all of the headlines about Apple’s new smartwatch, mobile payment system, and slightly larger iPhone that instantly makes yours obsolete, was this sad piece of news: The classic, clickwheel iPod is dead. Engadget observed that when Apple’s online store reopened following yesterday’s big event, classic iPods were “conspicuously absent,” meaning it’s unlikely we’ll ever seen them again. In the years before the touchscreen became an inescapable part of mobile technology, the clickwheel provided the design simplicity of scrolling through a gillion songs relatively easily without distractions like email, apps or time-wasting games. The clickwheel was all about the music. Farewell old friend ... Discuss

As part of its big event, Apple unveiled one of those items everybody mocks today but will probably own by this time next year. Yes, as many industry insiders suspected, Apple has unveiled their spin on a wristwatch. Long the subject of Bond movies and sci-fi "Can-You-Imagine-If-That-Were-Real?" fantasies, the Apple Watch will work in conjunction with your iPhone to allow you to check social media and take pictures on your wrist instead of forcing you to actually reach into your pocket. You'll also be able to connect with other Apple Watch users by "tapping" them or even drawing a picture from your watch to theirs. Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized the watch's ability to help wearers stay active by getting to know their bodies (it can monitor your heart rate) and personalizing a workout for you. But, as with all devices, its most impressive feature might just be its ability to distract you from the human experience ... Discuss

Do you find your iPad too big but your iPhone too small? Well, today is your lucky day. Apple unveiled two new phones today, and the Big Announcement is the iPhone 6 Plus—a 5.5 inch phone that falls somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone, but is thinner than either of them. Right now, some tech junkies are calling it a "phablet" but let's hope that lazy portmanteau doesn't stick.

It's a big upgrade, but the size isn't the new phone's only or even biggest innovation. It's sleeker, faster and comes equipped with a better camera and more memory. It also represents Apple's first serious venture into replacing your wallet. Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus come equipped with Apple Pay, which will function as a digital credit card and will allow you to make payments to everywhere from McDonalds to Starbucks to Uber. Not that you'll have a ton of money in your account after shelling out for the iPhone 6 Plus, but it's still a big deal. Discuss

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