YouTube inventor Colin Furze—the man behind jet-powered go-karts and 50 MPH baby carriages—has just unveiled his latest homemade creation: a working hoverbike. Sure, it’s almost impossible to control, much less steer. But, it gets off of the ground and looks awesome when you fire bottle-rockets from it, so really, who cares? Discuss

Automobile-related deaths were up some eight percent in 2015 over against 2014, according to reports. This increase is due in part, simply, to more people on the roads, apparently. But another part, officials say, is an increase in “distracted driving”—people driving while posting to social media, texting or whatever. So, according to The New York Times, some authorities “want to treat distracted driving like drunken driving.” There are a few ideas out there about what this might look like. But here’s one that jumps out: Some lawmakers in New York want to give police officers a device that’s basically the “digital equivalent of the Breathalyzer.” They’re calling it a “Textalyzer.”

According to the Times, the Textalyzer would work like its alcohol-detecting sibling: An officer could request access the phones of any drivers involved in an accident and then use the Textalyzer to check the phones’ activities. And just like in a Breathalyzer situation, refusing to submit your phone to an officer could lead to a suspended license. Not surprisingly, critics of the idea cite privacy concerns, because, man, what’s the deal with the government wanting to see in everybody’s phones? Discuss

Want to have your mind blown for five minutes? Watch this new video just released by NASA, which is comprised of time-lapse, 4K footage of the Aurora Borealis taken from cameras on the International Space Station. It’s the coolest YouTube video you’ll see today. Discuss

The future is now. This demo video from the French tech company Zapata Racing (the people behind those cool, water jet powered “Flyboards") shows their incredible “Flyboard Air” invention in action. The clip features a rider soaring over a body of water (take that Biff) on a hoverboard-like device at terrifying heights—according to the company, it can go nearly 10,000 feet! Zapata Racing also claims that the Flyboard can go over 90 MPH for more than 10 minutes. Behold, this Christmas’ hottest item. Discuss