More than 1,300 guns and knives have been recovered in violence-plagued neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic during a month-long “guns-for-Bibles” campaign. The initiative was led by local authorities and church leaders, who were seeking to find a way to combat a crime epidemic in areas like Santo Domingo, which had become so bad, military soldiers were patrolling the streets. A local pastor who helped organize the program told the Spanish news site, “When they say they won't continue with that knife, and prefer a Bible instead, that is transformation and a blessing for our country" ... Discuss


A new study conducted by teams at Ohio State University and the Annenberg Public Policy Center has found that in major blockbusters, gun violence is more common in movies rated PG-13 than movies that are rated R. The researchers looked at the 30 highest grossing films for each year from 1950 through 2012, and founded that since 1985, the amount of gun violence in films rated PG-13 has been rising “considerably.” And while MPAA standards on issues like the use of profanity, nudity and sexual content are relatively clearly defined, acceptable levels of violence and gunplay in films marketed to teens is an area that is often not as obvious.

Researchers have even suggested that there could be a link to exposure to gun-related entertainment and actual acts of aggression, because of a phenomenon known as the “weapons effect.” In their research, they said, “By including guns in violent scenes, film producers may be strengthening the weapons effect and providing youth with scripts for using guns.” Evidently, blockbuster filmmakers have just run out of original ideas and are now simply employing the Michael Scott philosophy of screenwriting … Discuss


In the wake of a mass shooting at Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard that left 12 workers dead and numerous others injured, President Obama has challenged lawmakers to revisit legislation requiring better background checks for potential gun owners. Though investigators are still trying to identify the shooter’s motives, there have been reports that Aaron Alexis dealt with numerous mental health problems. The President told Telemundo, “The fact that we do not have a firm enough background-check system is something that makes us more vulnerable to these kinds of mass shootings … I’ve taken steps that are within my control. The next phase now is for Congress to go ahead and move.” Recently, the Obama Administration proposed new rules that would require background checks for firearm purchases online and at gun shows. He also requested $20 million for the Justice Department, as part of an initiative to equip states to enter citizens’ mental health records into databases to be checked before gun sales … Discuss


About 20 teachers and school administrators at Clarksville High School in Arkansas will begin carrying concealed handguns during school hours. Even though the small town of Clarksville only has about 9,200 residents, and the school isn’t known for its violence, the district is paying $50,000 for ammunition and firearm training for participants who volunteer for the initiative. After completing the training, the school employee will then be given a $1,100 stipend to purchase a gun and holster. Though administrators say the program is in place to protect students from shooters who have attacked schools in past, like at Sandy Hook Elementary last year, critics say the new program goes too far. Donna Morey, former president of the Arkansas Education Association, told The New York Daily News, "We just think educators should be in the business of educating students, not carrying a weapon" … Discuss


Liberty University recently became one of only a handful of schools in the country that allow students to bring loaded handguns into classrooms. According to the new policy, students with concealed weapons permits who are in good academic and behavioral standing with the school and have no criminal history can take guns into most campus buildings. The campus ban on dancing, however, remains firm. Read More


As a lifelong gun owner from Northern Wisconsin, my guns hold a lot of personal value to me. I see them as part of my family tradition of hunting and marksmanship. I’m proud of the legacy of responsible gun ownership that has been passed down to me. Read More