Well, this is awkward. Hip-hop star Lecrae and activist Christine Caine both have new books out this month. They just happened to have the exact same title and were released within seven days of each other. Even the covers of Unashamed are remarkably similar: Both feature a black and white photo of the books’ authors, with brightly colored lettering over the images.

The books are from two different publishers, so there’s really no way that either of them knew about that other’s title, but it is a funny coincidence. The two are even appearing at the same event later this summer.

But hey, any publicity is good publicity. We featured Lecrae in a cover story a few months ago and Christine Caine before that: They both have incredibly moving and important stories to tell, so if you’re looking for a book called Unashamed to read, you may actually want to just pick up them both. Discuss

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