This week on the show we have a very special in-studio interview with Hillsong pastor Brian Houston. He came by and chatted with us about his new book “Live Love Lead” while on the Hillsong Worship Nights Tour. We also hear some new tracks from JGivens, and our resident sub expert JD sits in for Eddie. Read More

‘Braveheart’ Writer on Finding God in Darkness

Academy Award-Nominated Writer Randall Wallace Reflects on the 'Braveheart Life.' Read More

Cruel Game of Thrones tease or exciting news? Who can say? Either way, big news from Westros. The Spanish editor of George R.R. Martin’s House of Ice and Fire series, Alejo Cuervo, has let slip that the next installment of the series, Winds of Winter, will street next year. As Paste reports, the literary bomb was dropped during a recent Spanish radio interview, where Cuervo said he is "confident" that it would come out next year "... but a meteor could fall."

So there you have it. Winter is indeed coming, and as long as that pesky meteor doesn’t hit, we might even have a new book to read before the white walkers get us all. Discuss

This time, Hugh Jackman will play a part that combines his Wolverine side with his one-man broadway show side. The Jack-of-all-trades actor is in talks to play Odysseus, the main character of The Odyssey in a major film adaptation of Homer’s epic poem. One of the The Hunger Games directors, Francis Lawrence, will direct the film, which is set to begin production next year. The Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus (In Roman, “Ulysses”) and his journey home from Troy, including an escape from Calypso's island. So, a role that includes masterpiece literature and inevitable high-production actions scenes—that has Jackman written all over it. Discuss