A prequel (of sorts) for the classic Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish releases today, more than two decades after the children’s book author died. The wife of “Dr. Seuss,” whose real name is Theodor Geisel, discovered the unpublished illustrated pages shortly after his death, but they were forgotten for more than decade. Today, What Pet Should I Get, which features some of the same characters as One Fish, Two Fish, is finally being sold to the public so that you can take a nostalgic trip back to the time when funny ryhmes and colorful illustrations were the optimal form of entertainment. Discuss

This week on the podcast, Tim Chaddick discusses his new book “The Truth About Lies: The Unlikely Role Of Temptation In Who You Will Become”, and Lauren Daigle gives us an inside look at some of the tracks from her new album. Also, Jesse offers some great ideas for anyone that has plans to travel to Orlando for our 10 Year Anniversary Show. This weeks show is sponsored by Tuft & Needle and Squarespace. Read More

The mysterious saga surrounding unpublished writings by Harper Lee is getting even stranger, and there could be yet another To Kill a Mockingbird sequel on the way. Just days before a sequel to the classic novel is to be published (Go Set a Watchman is already doing massive pre-sale numbers), Lee’s lawyer has made another surprising and strange announcement: There may be another addition to the story in existence. The lawyer, Tonja Carter, says she recently revisited the safe-deposit box where the manuscript for Go Set a Watchman was left forgotten and unread for decades. She wanted to see if she could find “other things hiding in plain sight.” Carter claims, “What we found was extraordinary and surprised even me.”

In a column published in the Wall Street Journal, she says she opened an envelope, and “my colleague very carefully removed its contents, which were about 300 pages of typed manuscript. It was clear to us that what was in the package had not been removed since it was first mailed.” Underneath the manuscripts for Watchman and Mockingbird, Carter says she found “a significant number of pages of another typed text.” Oddly, she doesn’t say what the “typed text” actually is, but hinted that it could be yet another undiscovered novel. “Was it an earlier draft of ‘Watchman' or of ‘Mockingbird,' or even, as early correspondence indicates it might be, a third book bridging the two? I don’t know.” Discuss

This week on the show, we talk to Barnabas Piper about his new book, and we feature another incredible studio performance by Gungor. Also, Jesse bring some fresh ideas to the table that could revolutionize the future of Shark Week. This weeks episode is sponsored by Tuft & Needle and Warby Parker. Read More

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