Legislators in Connecticut have passed what some are saying are the nation’s toughest new gun laws—banning high-capacity magazines, creating a weapon offender registry, requiring universal background checks for firearm purchases and adding more types of guns under an existing assault weapons ban. Lawmakers in the state, that was home to a tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, also wrote measures into the bill to address school security issues and mental health concerns … Discuss

Well, here's a glimmer of sunlight in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy. The city of Newtown, Conn., has received so many good-will donations from the national public that its officials have gone on record asking everyone to stop sending gifts. There's just too much love here, everyone. And we couldn't be more glad. Also, the United Way of Connecticut announced it has raised $3.5 million in support for Newtown residents. Good will all around ... Discuss

The New Reality for Teachers

How Sandy Hook has changed our responsibility to our nation’s students. Read More

It's almost October, which means pumpkins are all over the place. It also means there are some people who go to crazy extremes to grow gigantic pumpkins. The newest world record-holder is a Connecticut farmer who grew a pumpkin to 1487.5 pounds. Which basically translates to 2000 pumpkin pies ...


Compassion Corps is a community of people living as modern-day friars in a violent part of New Haven, Conn. Read More